How to find the Bedroom key in Redfall
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There are dozens of locked doors and other objects that players will stumble across during their time in Redfall. Some of these locked doors are more crucial to open than others, as they are tied to quests or contain some rare loot drop. However, no matter what locked object players find, they will likely want to open it. Most of the locked doors in Redfall can be opened with a key, and players need to find the necessary key to open the door. For example, the bedroom in a house by the shipyard in Redfall requires the Bedroom key in order to open.

Even though this room is not tied to any quest and players likely accidentally stumbled across it, they will still want to open the door to see what kind of loot could be inside. If players are struggling to find the Bedroom key in Redfall, they can check out our guide below.

Finding the Bedroom key in Redfall

Luckily, the Bedroom key is inside the house that you are currently in (if you are still by the bedroom door). To find the key, all you need to do is head to the ground floor of the house and look for a man sitting at a desk with a TV in front of him. Of course, this man will be dead. The desk will be found in the middle of the room and it’s right near the front door of the house.

Bedroom key in Redfall
Provided by Bethesda Softworks

If players look on the desk the dead man is sitting at, they will see the Bedroom key sitting right in front of the TV. Players can now use the Bedroom key to unlock the bedroom door and discover a solid amount of loot for use in Redfall.

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