How to exfil with a Heavy Chopper in MW2 DMZ
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The Season 3 update has introduced a ton of content in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2, and DMZ. Unlike other seasons, however, DMZ has received more content than ever, giving players more to explore and do across the game mode. One of the many new pieces of content for DMZ is the Heavy Chopper, which is a new helicopter vehicle that players can use to get around the map and even exfil out of a match.

The Heavy Chopper can be found in specific spawn locations across Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. Players need to use gas cans or visit gas stations to keep the chopper fueled up, allowing them to fly the vehicle for longer. However, some players might not be looking to just fly the Heavy Chopper, but instead, use it to exfil themselves or their party from a match in DMZ.

Using the Heavy Chopper to exfil in DMZ

DMZ Heavy Chopper
Provided by Activision

According to the official patch notes from Activision, exfilling from a match is not difficult whatsoever if you have a Heavy Chopper. The patch notes state that “the Heavy Chopper will be in DMZ and Battle Royale. Find fuel around the map to utilize this new vehicle. Flying it out of bounds will automatically trigger exfiltration.”

So, as the patch notes describe, all players need to do is find a Heavy Chopper, and then make their way to an out of bounds area. As they continue to drive further and further into the out of bounds area, the exfil will be triggered. The driver of the chopper along with the driver’s team will be exfilled from their current match automatically once they have flown far enough away from the map.

Of course, the hardest part about doing this is finding the Heavy Chopper and its fuel on the map in DMZ. Most players in the match will be after one, meaning the supply of choppers will be short. To make matters worse, players also need to find Heavy Chopper fuel before they can even take off. We have a separate guide on where to find the Heavy Chopper fuel for players that aren’t having much luck.

Also, players have to worry about being shot down by enemies before they can make it to an out of bounds area. If players can pull it off, though, they no longer have to worry about getting killed waiting for an exfil chopper to arrive.

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