How to escape the Keeper's Vault in Last Epoch
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During the opening hours of Last Epoch, you’re tasked with finding Keeper Balthas, the man currently charged with protecting the final Epoch. Unfortunately, Balthas has found himself in a bit of trouble, with the Osprix making their way towards his location. Your job is to enter the Keeper’s Vault, find Balthas, and return him to safety in Last Epoch.

That task is fairly straightforward; it’s what comes after that objective where things get confusing. After saving Balthas and fending off a horde of Osprix, the Keeper asks you to meet him outside. This is where you get the objective: “Escape the Keeper’s Vault.” While this sounds just as easy as your last task, it can be extremely frustrating to complete.

Below, you can see exactly what you need to do to escape the Keeper’s Vault in Last Epoch.

Escaping the Keeper’s Vault in Last Epoch

Screenshot via Upcomer

If you’re like me, then your first instinct when you get this objective is to head back out the way you came in to the Keeper’s Vault. I simply assumed Balthas would follow me back outside and we would go back to the Keeper’s Camp together to plan our next moves.

However, that’s not what the game wants you to do. Instead, you need to go past Balthas and head due north down further into the Keeper’s Vault. To escape the Keeper’s Vault, you need to reach the other side of it, which has plenty of Osprix and other enemies to fight along the way. If you made the mistake of exiting the vault the same way you came in, you’ll have to redo the entire fight with the Osprix in the vault with Balthas before you’re able to move on again.

Your main objective is to reach the end of the Keeper’s Vault and exit to the Northern Road, which is the next region on your map. To reach the Northern Road, you have to go through several different hallways in the Keeper’s Vault, which you can see on the map below.

Screenshot via Upcomer

Once you reach the Northern Road, you’ll be able to speak to Balthas again and continue on with your quest in Last Epoch.

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