How to craft the Mega Grappling Gun in Palworld
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Palworld features some truly unique items that allow you to become a true Pal Hunter, but few are more enticing than the Mega Grappling Gun.

This craftable tool is an upgraded version of the regular Grappling Gun, which lets you shoot a rope onto an object and pull yourself towards it. The Grappling Gun is certainly an enjoyable tool to use, but it has a long cooldown time and doesn’t have the best range. The Mega Grappling Gun, on the other hand, improves on everything from its little sibling, and you’ll want it in your inventory as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the process of crafting the Mega Grappling Gun is slightly confusing and time-consuming in Palworld, so let me walk you through the steps.

Crafting the Mega Grappling Gun in Palworld

The Mega Grappling Gun is a piece of Ancient Technology you can find in the purple section of the Technology menu. You have to be level 17 in order to craft it and also have two available Ancient Technology Points. Once you meet those requirements, you can unlock the recipe for the Mega Grappling Gun, which allows you to craft it.

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However, just because you have the recipe for the gun, doesn’t mean you can craft it right away. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until you’re level 20 and unlock the recipe for the Weapon Workbench in the Technology menu. You can only craft the Mega Grappling Gun at the Weapon Workbench or the Weapon Assembly Lines. However, the Weapon Workbench is unlocked sooner than the Assembly Lines, so I recommend making one there. The Weapon Workbench is also a requirement for a Base Upgrade, so you’ll have to make one at some point regardless.

Once you build a Weapon Workbench, which requires its own set of resources, you need the following resources for the Mega Grappling Gun:

  • 20 Paldium Fragments
  • 20 Ingots
  • 50 Fiber
  • 4 Ancient Civilization Parts
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It’s certainly not an easy recipe to get together, so you might have to spend some time resource-gathering in Palworld. After you manage to acquire all of the materials, though, you can craft the Mega Grappling Gun. This essentially replaces the regular Grappling Gun, but they are two separate items in your inventory.

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To use the Mega Grappling Gun, just equip it in one of your four active inventory slots and swap to it in-game. Then, aim it at a far-away object, press the fire button, and you’ll be propelled forward. The Mega Grappling Gun doesn’t have unlimited range, though, so you still need to be somewhat close to objects to connect with them.

As you progress in Palworld, you can unlock even better versions of the Grappling Gun, which are all crafted in similar ways as the mega version.

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