How to complete the Dead Space Remake alternative ending
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The Dead Space Remake stays true to the original in most respects. From the overall story to the new enemies to the collectibles, you won’t find many changes in the remake compared to the original Dead Space that was released in 2008. However, if there is one major difference in the remake, it’s the alternative ending that completely changes how you might view the Dead Space Remake and the future of the series.

The alternative ending is considered a secret because so few players will actually succeed in getting it. The new ending requires players to beat the entire game again, collect a new series of items, and follow some additional steps. It’s perhaps one of the more challenging hurdles to climb in the Dead Space Remake, but the sacrifice is worth the reward.

Complete the alternative ending in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake
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First and foremost, you need to beat the Dead Space Remake on any difficulty level. If you want to truly breeze past the game, then you can do this on the easiest difficulty. Once you’ve beaten the game one time, you will receive a message saying that New Game Plus has been opened for you. New Game Plus is a new save file that allows you to keep all of your items, weapons, and upgrades but starts the story over from square one.

The New Game Plus mode also gives you some free rewards in addition to making the game harder with new enemy types. However, one secret aspect of New Game Plus is there are new collectives called Marker Fragments scattered across the various levels. There are 12 in total, and you need to collect all 12 if you want to get the secret ending. You can see where to find the 12 Marker Fragments below.

Dead Space Remake Marker Fragments locations

  • Marker Fragment 1 – Found through the Hangar – Cargo – Tram Control room inside of the Maintenance Bay Office (Chapter 1)
  • Marker Fragment 2 – Located inside Dr. T. Kyne’s office behind a bookshelf on Medical Floor 1 (Chapter 2)
  • Marker Fragment 3 – On Engineering, Floor 3 inside of the Engine Room in a dark corner (Chapter 3)
  • Marker Fragment 4 – On Bridge, Floor 1 in the Break Room on the floor (Chapter 4)
  • Marker Fragment 5 – In the Cryogenic Medical wing on Floor 4. Use your Kinesis power to pull it toward you from the top of a cryogenic pod (Chapter 5)
  • Marker Fragment 6 – On Medical, Floor 4 inside of Dr. C. Mercer’s office (Chapter 5)
  • Marker Fragment 7 – In Hydroponics, Floor 4 inside of the East Grow Chamber. Use your Kinesis power to pull it toward you from inside one of the corrupted chambers (Chapter 6)
  • Marker Fragment 8 – On Mining, Floor 5 in the Minerals Samples room on a shelf (Chapter 7)
  • Marker Fragment 9 – In Communcations Hub, Floor 2 floating inside of a hole in corruption (Chapter 8)
  • Marker Fragment 10 – In Crew Quarters, Floor 3 inside the Deluxe Quarter Bunk Room on a desk (Chapter 9)
  • Marker Fragment 11 – In Crew Quarters, Floor 3 behind the Inquiry Desks (Chapter 10)
  • Marker Fragment 12 – Hangar – Cargo – Tram control room, Floor 1 in the Cargo Bay on a shelf with tools on it (Chapter 11)

With all 12 Marker Fragments found, you need to bring them to Captain Mathius’ Office, which is identified by Lt. Commander V. Holt on your map. You can get to the office by going to the Crew Deck and then the Executive Quarters. Once you’re in the office, place all 12 fragments on the table with the 12 pedestals.

Then, go on and complete the story as you would normally. However, at the very end, you will see a different cutscene than you did in your first playthrough, which is the secret ending.

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