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During your journeys through the expansive land of Hyrule, you may encounter a pair of investigative journalists named Traysi and Penn. They head up a newspaper called the Lucky Clover Gazette in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which is integral to The Beast and the Princess mission.

When you first visit their headquarters, these two will initiate the Potential Princess Sightings side adventure, which includes 12 unique side quests and increasing rewards for each mission you complete. Here’s what to know about completing one of the trickiest sub-quests in this adventure, The Beast and the Princess, in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Initiating the mission

In order to begin The Beast and the Princess quest in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll need to head to the New Serenne Stable in Hyrule Field. There, you can interact with Penn, a giant goose-like creature who will tell you about rumors he’s received from his tiny bird reporters.

Penn tells you that he wants you to investigate a rumor surrounding Princess Zelda. Specifically, he alleges that Zelda has been riding around on and controlling some kind of mysterious beast. He describes the unidentified creature as a “mountain of a beast” with “huge, brutal tusks.”

Before sending the player on their way to investigate the claim, Penn gives a somewhat vague hint regarding where to look and what to do. He lets you know that his birds have caught sight of a rumored beast at a stable in a subtropical region in the south. After Penn finishes giving his spiel, The Beast and the Princess will appear under the Side Adventures portion of your Adventure Log.

How to complete The Beast and the Princess in Tears of the Kingdom

A Dondon in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
You can complete this mission at the Dondon sanctuary in West Necluda. | Screengrab provided by Game Guides Channel via YouTube

To complete this mission, you’ll need to head to the southeastern portion of the map and visit the Jojo-u-u Shrine in West Necluda. It’s quite a distance from the New Serenne Stable, so it’s best to take on this mission after you’ve already visited this area during the natural progression of your journey. Then, you can simply activate a Travel Point and fast travel back later.

Once you arrive at the Jojo-u-u Shrine, you should jump off a nearby cliff and glide to the Lakeside Stable. Upon landing at the stable, you should then talk to Cima. She will inform you that the stable is a sanctuary for Dondons, a new species of animal discovered by Zelda, and that they have only found five Dondons in the wild.

Right after you speak to Cima, Penn will arrive at the Lakeside Stable. He will see that the Dondons there are relatively tame creatures and that the rumors he had heard about the beast were overblown. Penn will then offer you a reward for completing the mission.

The reward you get for completing The Beast and The Princess in Tears of the Kingdom will depend on how many other Potential Princess Sightings quests you have completed. Here’s a breakdown of the reward you will get after finishing each of the 12 quests, regardless of what order you complete them in:

  1. 50 rupees
  2. 50 rupees and the Paraglider Lucky Clover Gazette Fabric
  3. 70 rupees
  4. 50 rupees and the Froggy Sleeve
  5. 100 rupees
  6. 100 rupees
  7. 120 rupees
  8. 120 rupees
  9. 100 rupees and the Froggy Leggings
  10. 150 rupees
  11. 200 rupees
  12. 300 rupees and the Froggy Hood

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