How to collect Symbols from eliminated Cube Monsters in Fortnite
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Ariana Grande has a wide variety of Punchcard quests in Fortnite Season 8. Players can talk to the popstar turned monster hunter to start the questline and begin earning XP for their Season 8 Battle Pass. However, it won’t be as simple as it was with other NPCs. Ariana has some tough challenges in her Fortnite questline, like collecting Symbols from eliminated Cube Monsters.

There are two parts to this challenge. The first is simply eliminating the Cube Monsters, which can already be a hassle for some players. Once that’s done, players then need to collect Symbols from the fallen monsters.

Collecting Symbols from eliminated Cube Monsters in Fortnite

The first step that players need to take for this challenge is to enter The Sideways. This is where the Cube Monsters reside. To enter The Sideways, players can either enter the large zones that appear on a random POI before each match or take one of the Anomalies. These are rift-like entrances that are marked on players’ maps with a small orange and purple swirl.

Whichever method players choose to enter with, once they’re in The Sideways they can take on the Cube Monster that resides there. Players need to be prepared for this fight, as the monsters aren’t the easiest enemies to defeat.

After a player has managed to take down a Cube Monster, they’ll notice it’s dropped a Symbol behind. All players need to do is interact with this Symbol to collect it. Players simply need to do this five times to complete Ariana Grande’s quest.

Players should expect to be attacked by other Cube Monsters while they try to collect a Symbol.

Once players have collected five Symbols, they’ll earn 30,000 XP for their Season 8 Battle Pass. With this, they can also move on to the other challenges in Ariana’s quest line.

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