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Any fighting game looking to maintain a large, constantly-engaged audience needs to pay attention to the game’s online experience. After all, if you aren’t able to make it out to locals or majors, the main way for you to compete is against players around the world through online play.

The developers of Street Fighter 6 obviously paid attention to the online experience based on their decision to include rollback netcode with the game. Still, there are times where you might hop on for a few rounds of fighting only to find that you can’t connect to the internet.

While it’s always possible the internet issue is strictly on your end, it’s also helpful to know when the entire game itself is experiencing network issues. Here’s what to know about how and where you can check the Street Fighter 6 server status.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour gameplay
Footage of the World Tour story mode. | Provided by @StreetFighter via Twitter

How to check the Street Fighter 6 server status

If you are unsure if online play is currently up and running in Street Fighter 6, the No. 1 place you should check for more details is the official Street Fighter Twitter account. In the time since the game has launched, this Twitter account has already tweeted updates acknowledging server problems, saying they are still working on the issues and confirming that the issues have been resolved.

Likewise, the Street Fighter Twitter account should be your go-to source for information about emergency server maintenance. Sometimes, Street Fighter 6’s servers will go down due to unscheduled maintenance in order to address a sudden problem that has arisen with the game’s netcode.

In these situations, the official Twitter account will announce the maintenance period by giving a start time and an estimated end time. Of course, maintenance could always run long, potentially leaving the Street Fighter 6 server status in flux. As a result, it’s important to stay tuned to the Street Fighter Twitter feed to see when they announce the completion of the emergency maintenance period.

Other places to look

If the official Street Fighter Twitter account hasn’t tweeted anything about widespread issues with the Street Fighter 6 server status, it’s possible that the problem is on your end. In this case, you should consider troubleshooting your own internet connection on your PC or console.

In case you are unable to resolve the issue on your own, you can head to Street Fighter 6’s Capcom Support page. This webpage includes frequently asked questions and a link to general troubleshooting information. If you are still struggling to identify the specific problem, there’s also a contact form that enables you to reach out directly to the Capcom Support team.

Finally, it can be useful to check out the Administrative Info page on the Street Fighter 6 website. This webpage features a running log of all known server issues, outages, updates and maintenance periods, among other things. As a result, it can be a helpful source of information about prior issues and the timeframe in which they were resolved.

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