How to change the appearance of your gear in Hogwarts Legacy
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There is absolutely no shortage of gear in Hogwarts Legacy. Every location you visit and most quests you complete will often result in you acquiring several new pieces for your character to equip. While this gear can often pile up in your inventory, it’s important to remember that every piece is valuable. Of course, you shouldn’t hold on to every piece of gear you acquire; we went over whether you should destroy or sell your gear in a previous guide. The valuableness of gear in Hogwarts Legacy comes in the form of its appearance.

Hogwarts Legacy features a system that allows players to change the appearance of any piece of gear to that of a piece that they have previously acquired. It doesn’t matter if you never even wore this gear, as long as you looted it, you can change your current gear to its appearance. This is commonly known as a “transmog” system, and here’s how to take advantage of it in Hogwarts Legacy.

Change the appearance of your gear in Hogwarts Legacy

All you need to do to change your gear’s appearance is head into your Gear menu from the Field Guide. Here, hover over any section of gear (robes and cloak, outfit, neckwear, etc.). Then, you will see a box come up with the description of the current gear you have equipped in that section. However, you will also see the option to “Change Appearance,” which has a button next to it.

Whatever that button is, press it, and you will bring up a new menu. This menu shows you every gear appearance you have available for that particular section. Simply select the appearance you want, and then exit the menu. That specific gear will still have the same stats as it did before, but look like whatever you changed it to look like.

Change gear appearance Hogwarts Legacy
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And that’s all there is to changing the appearance of your gear in Hogwarts Legacy. If you’re looking to expand your gear slots so you can hold more items, you can read our previous guide.


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