How to buy and sell items in Last Epoch
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Within your first hour or two of playing Last Epoch, you’ll almost certainly have an inventory full of items that you don’t want to use. While your first instinct might be to drop some items, you can sell just about any piece of gear in Last Epoch for Gold. Additionally, you’re also able to buy new items, which is sometimes an easier route to equipping higher-tier gear than randomly getting it to drop from an enemy.

To see exactly how and where you can buy and sell gear in Last Epoch, check out the guide below.

Buy and sell items in Last Epoch

Fortunately, you’re given the chance to visit a vendor almost right away in Last Epoch. While there are vendors spread out across the different regions of the game, this vendor is available from the get-go and can be your one-stop shop for selling all sorts of gear throughout the early game.

The vendor you’re looking for is located in the Keeper’s Camp region of Last Epoch. More specifically, you’re looking for an NPC with a piece of gray armor over their head or as an icon on your map. In the Keeper’s Camp, this NPC is located right near the fast travel waypoint in the center of the region.

If you approach this NPC, you can make idle chit-chat and eventually get to a point where you can see their available wares. Select this dialogue option when it appears and then your inventory and the vendor’s inventory will show up on the screen. By hovering any item in either inventory, you can choose to sell something you own or purchase something the vendor has in stock.

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You can also see your available Gold by looking right underneath your equipped items on your side of the screen. Surprisingly, a ton of early game gear in Last Epoch doesn’t cost too much Gold, so if you see an item that’s stronger than something you have equipped, chances are you can buy it. However, any crafting item available to buy can run into the thousands of Gold, so I would hold off on purchasing any crafting material until you get further into Last Epoch.

There are dozens of these vendors as you progress in Last Epoch, including more specialized vendors with different icons on them, so make sure you’re keeping a lookout whenever you enter a new region.

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