How to buy a Loadout Drop in Warzone 2
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The one aspect of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 that separates it from every other battle royale on the market is loadouts. This revolutionary addition to the original Warzone was one of the main reasons the game skyrocketed to the top of the gaming industry. In Warzone 2, players can still make their favorite loadouts that consist of meta weapons and attachments, equipment, and perks. However, in Warzone 2, players are confused as to how to acquire a Loadout Drop, which is the main way loadouts were acquired in the original game.

Loadout Drops are basically big supply boxes that allow players to pick one of their loadouts and equip it immediately. This replaces any ground-loot weapons that players might have been carrying prior to interacting with the Loadout Drop. While Loadout Drops still fall from the sky randomly throughout Warzone 2 matches, players can’t figure out a way to buy them on their own.

Buying a Loadout Drop in Warzone 2

Provided by Activision

In short, players can’t buy a Loadout Drop in Warzone 2. If players head to a Buy Station on Al Mazrah, they will not see a Loadout Drop for sale. Instead, players will be able to buy their primary weapon from a loadout. The secondary, equipment, and perks from that loadout will not be equipped.

If players want their full loadout, they will either have to get it through a Loadout Drop that falls from the sky or by completing a Stronghold. Strongholds are new points of interest in Warzone 2 that contain AI soldiers. If players visit a Stronghold, take out all of the AI and defuse a bomb from going off, they will be able to purchase their full loadout.

Aside from that, though, there’s no other way to acquire your loadout in Warzone 2. Gone are the days of simply saving cash, going to a Buy Station, and purchasing a Loadout Drop.

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