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When you get to the coldest part of Last Epoch you’re going to battle wolves, spiders, and eventually the zone’s boss, The Frostroot Warden.

This frozen tree creature can be quite a tricky fight if you charge in unprepared, however, with the right knowledge and a gameplan it shouldn’t take you long to complete.

How to beat The Frostroot Warden in Last Epoch

The Frostroot Warden battle Last Epoch
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Fighting the Forstroot Warden will either be very easy or quite difficult depending on the Last Epoch playstyle you have. Those who use melee builds may struggle, but if you’re a ranged player then you should breeze through this battle. The good news is there is one way to make this fight easy for everybody.

What to watch out for

All of Frostroot Warden’s most powerful attacks come from a close range. These include the ground slam and falling rocks. Of course, the rocks do have a wider range, but it’s still only the center of the battle arena and they can be avoided.

Another thing to be careful about is the summoning of frost spirits later in the fight. These will do the usual laser attacks that you’re already familiar with, and they can be dealt with the same way.

How to fight the Frostroot Warden

The best way to fight Frostroot Warden is to stay at a distance until your ally stuns the beast. This friendly NPC helping you in battle manages to stun the boss every few combinations and this provides plenty of openings to close the gap and deal major damage. That’s the safest way to win this fight.

While at range simply destroy the spawning frost spirit mobs and wait for the stun to jump back into the fight. Of course, those players who have ranged builds can keep doing damage as often as they like.

That should be all you need to know so that you can win this battle, but with a respawn location right outside, if it takes a few shots don’t panic, just keep trying.

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