How much does Nightingale cost on Steam?
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Nightingale is a brand new survival title from developer Inflexion Games that’s releasing on Feb. 20, 2024. It joins an impressive lineup of new survival games in early 2024, including Palworld and Enshrouded. Nightingale is only releasing on Steam in early access at first, but if you look at its Steam page, you might notice that it currently doesn’t have a price.

At the time of writing, there’s seemingly no cost associated with Nightingale, making some players wonder if it’s a free-to-play title. Or, at the very least, free during its early access period. Below, you can see if Nightingale costs anything and, if it does, what the price of the game is.

Is Nightingale free-to-play?

Screenshot via Upcomer/Steam

Unfortunately, Nightingale is not a free-to-play title, even during early access. Its Steam page has simply not been updated to reflect its price. That update will likely come when it launches on Feb. 20.

As far as we know, there is only one price for Nightingale and no additional editions are being sold for the game at launch. However, that could change in the future if and when Nightingale eventually gets out of early access and fully releases.

How much does Nightingale cost?

At launch, Nightingale costs $29.99 on Steam. This price point was confirmed by the developers during a live stream on Feb. 15.

Additionally, you can also buy Nightingale on the Epic Games Store for the same price. Currently, there are no plans for Nightingale to release on other platforms, but depending on the game’s success, it could be ported over to Xbox or PlayStation in the future.

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