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War Thunder is a multiplayer game focused on vehicular combat. Since it released in 2016, more and more vehicles have been added. Here are how many planes and tanks are in War Thunder in 2024.

How many vehicles are in War Thunder

War Thunder was originally developed as a flying simulator and focused on planes only. That changed in 2012 when it was released as an open beta. It has remained a popular game ever since, boasting over 75,000 average players on Steam last year. There are over 70 million registered players on all platforms.

War Thunder has stated that it has over 1,900 vehicles.

This sounds like quite a lot so it’s no wonder fans of the game were a bit skeptical. One player, however, decided to take it a step further and find out for themselves. On Reddit, the gamer admitted that they “sacrificed two hours” of their life documenting all vehicle information to find out the exact number.

An example of a chart made by Reddit user Kievaer

After calculating the vehicles with multiple charts, the fan found there to be a grand total of 1,948 of planes and tanks in War Thunder.

“Take this number with a grain of salt. War thunder changes a lot, and this number could be a lot different in the future years of War thunder. Its crazy to see this much vehicles within a game,” Kievaer wrote.

Keep in mind this number was gathered three years ago. At this point, there is most likely even more vehicles.