Gambit, Envy cruise to VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Berlin final
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The VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Berlin semifinals featured the greatest hits of VCT this year: incredible plays, boomed egos, high-stakes matchups. One team, Gambit Esports, put up the first 13-o series of the tournament; another, Team Envy, turned an upset of Sentinels in the quarters into a berth to the final.

Here’s how Day 9 went down and what fans can expect from Sunday’s championship match.

VALORANT Masters Berlin Day 9 Game Highlights

Match S1 — Gambit Esports vs. G2 Esports (2-0): This was the match to determine who would represent Europe, Middle East and Africa in the VCT Masters Berlin final. Breeze was a close map, with Gambit leading 7-5 at the break. But several players on Gambit really shined on attack, drawing out the weaknesses on G2 and getting some sick kills. We also saw them stall really well, waiting just long enough to where a defuse was not an option.

On Icebox, G2’s pick, Gambit were activated. Gambit’s Ayaz “nAts” Akhmetshin won a one-on-three clutch after G2’s Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas Colocho got a 3K, and as nAts kept up the heroics, Gambit won the half 12-0. It was down to the pistol round for G2 to turn it around, but nAts and Nikita “d3ffo” Sudakov anchored the point, shutting it down and making it the first 13-0 of Berlin.

G2 still have plenty to celebrate after VCT Masters 3 Berlin. They beat North American rival Sentinels to earn the No. 1 seed out of their group, and G2’s defeat of KRÜ Esports to make it to the semis assures the Europeans will be seen as contenders come Champions.

Match S2 — Team Envy vs. 100 Thieves (2-0): This was the game to decide who would represent North America in the final. 100 Thieves looked strong in the first three rounds, but then Team Envy came back swinging with a 9-3 half. 100 Thieves did get a few rounds in, but Envy took the map decisively at 13-5.

Then came 100 Thieves’ map pick: Ascent. Most expected 100T to take their chosen stage easily, but Envy showed that they would not let map picks define them. Envy lead 7-5 at the half and then won the next five rounds to go to 12-5. 100T tried to come back and got as close as 12-8, but Team Envy made it clear that it was their map and picked up the second sweep of the day.

Stat Highlights from VALORANT Masters Berlin

Stats provided by and

Top five players based on Average Combat Score

  1. Team Envy’s Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker: 306.9
  2. Vivo Keyd’s Olavo “heat” Marcelo: 280.3
  3. Gambit Esports’ Ayaz “nAts” Akhmetshin: 267.9
  4. Sentinels’ Tyson “TenZ” Ngo: 269.5
  5. Acend’s Mehmet Yağız “cNed” İpek: 267.8

Top 5 players based on Kill/Death Ratio

  1. Team Envy’s Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker: 1.70
  2. Gambit Esports’ Ayaz “nAts” Akhmetshin: 1.44
  3. Vivo Keyd’s Olavo “heat” Marcelo: 1.38
  4. Sentinels’ Tyson “TenZ” Ngo: 1.38
  5. Gambit Esports Bogdan “Sheydos” Naumov: 1.37

Top five agents pick rates

  1. Jett: 84%
  2. Sova: 64%
  3. Astra: 59%
  4. Skye: 56%
  5. Viper: 47%
Commentator Geo "Geo" Collins on the Berlin Desk | Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
Commentator Geo “Geo” Collins on the Berlin Desk. | Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Provided by Riot Games

The day’s impact on VALORANT Masters Berlin

With two regions saying goodbye in Berlin, and other teams going home, we saw some big movement in the regional rankings. Many were based on the matches from Day 7.

With G2 Esports out, Fnatic is safely in third. They need Gambit to win VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Berlin in order to avoid Last Chance Qualifier.

100 Thieves, meanwhile, need semifinal foe Team Envy to win Berlin or they go to NA Last Chance Qualifier.

The following will break down each individual region. These are based on the current points standings.

Teams in bold are in/played in Berlin.

Team Gambit Esports and team G2 Esports make an entrance before their match | Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
Gambit Esports and G2 Esports make an entrance before their match. | Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Provided by Riot Games

North America

Going to Champions: Sentinels, Team Envy

Will qualify for Champions if NA wins Berlin: 100 Thieves

Going to NA LCQ: Version1, FaZe Clan, XSET, Luminosity Gaming, Cloud 9 Blue, Gen.G Esports, Rise

Will qualify for NA LCQ if NA wins Berlin: TSM

Europe, Middle East, Africa

Going to Champions: Gambit Esports, Acend

Will qualify for Champions if EMEA wins Berlin: Fnatic

Going to EMEA LCQ: Team Liquid, G2 Esports, SuperMassive Blaze, Futbolist, Oxygen Esports, Guild Esports

Will qualify for EMEA LCQ if EMEA wins Berlin: forZe

Brazil – Finalized

Going to Champions: Team Vikings, Keyd Stars

Going to SA LCQ: Havan Liberty, Furia Esports, Gamelanders Blue, Sharks Esports

Japan – Finalized

Going to Champions: Crazy Raccoon


Team Envy poses for the cams at Masters 3 Berlin | Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
Team Envy pose for the cams at VCT Masters 3 Berlin. | Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Provided by Riot Games

Korea – Finalized

Going to Champions: Vision Strikers

Going to APAC LCQ: NUTURN Gaming, F4Q

Southeast Asia – Finalized

Going to Champions: X10 Esports, Team Secret

Going to APAC LCQ: Paper Rex, Full Sense, BOOM Esports

Latin America – Finalized

Going to Champions: KRÜ Esports

Going to SA LCQ: Six Karma, Australs, Infinity, LAZER


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