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Signing players can be extremely difficult in Football Manager 24, especially if you’re the gaffer of a small team with a limited budget. That can all change though with one special transfer offer, which any club in the world will accept for any player.

In my current save I am managing Falkirk, and let me tell you, signing good players isn’t always easy. Even if I agree terms with the club, convincing them to come to Scotland is tricky, but oftentimes I don’t even make it that far. I’ve lost count of how many players I have tried to sign, only for the fee demands to be way out of my budget.

If you’re struggling, and are looking for a way to make easy signings, then this glitch is for you. Get after it while the going’s good because you know Sports Interactive is going to patch this out sooner rather than later.

Football Manager 24’s transfer glitch explained

Making the offer is simple:

  • Fee: £0
  • Transfer Date: Immediate
  • Installments: £1,200 total. Six installments of £200 each.
  • After League Appearances: £2.5m after 50 games.

Send this offer to any club in the world for any player, and you are guaranteed to get good news back. To test this, I started a new save and made an offer for Erling Haaland with Rangers. Manchester City accepted the offer, and I was able to enter into contract negotiations with the big Norwegian.

Of course, you will need to be able to pay for the deal, so don’t expect to be able to sign Mbappe for your Vanarama National South team any time soon. This is an incredibly handy tool to know though, if not a little cheesy.

If you want to build a superteam without going through the hassle of spending a lot of money though, this is the way to do it. We expect Sports Interactive to patch it out of the game in the not-too-distant future.