Five best games similar to VALORANT
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VALORANT is one of the most popular tactical FPS shooters on the market, but sometimes playing the same game over and over can feel a bit repetitive. Luckily there are some games that are quite similar to VALORANT, sharing some key features that will keep you excited and feeling refreshed. Here are five games similar to VALORANT to try out.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This might be the most obvious similar game in this list. CS:GO is one of the games that VALORANT took inspiration from. As the series people know tactical FPS shooters for, Counter-Strike could be a fun game to try out if VALORANT isn’t going well for you.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive
A gameplay image of CS:GO. | Provided by Valve.

The key similarity between these two games is the gameplay, as the gunfights are basically the exact same. What VALORANT provides that CS:GO doesn’t are agents, specific characters that provide unique skills that make the game more than just gunfights. Where VALORANT is cartoon-like in style, CS:GO is more realistic. Lots of players have gone from one game to the other, and for good reason.

Overwatch 2

This similarity is less solid than CS:GO, but still remains. Where CS:GO and VALORANT are very alike due to their gunplay, VALORANT and Overwatch 2 have similarities in their unique additions to regular FPS gameplay. To summarize, VALORANT is essentially CS:GO with Overwatch’s abilities and ultimates.

Where you have duelists, sentinels and controllers in VALORANT, you have DPS, tank, and support heroes in Overwatch. If you’re a fan of using abilities in VALORANT to get key eliminations, you might have some fun playing Overwatch 2.

Apex Legends

Take everything VALORANT does, turn it up to 11, and make it a battle royale and you have Apex Legends. Apex is a tactical FPS shooter made by the creators of Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment. The franchise was originally a more standard tactical FPS game with mech elements. Now, with its change into a battle royale, the only thing it keeps from the original Titanfall games is the gunplay. Movement and aim are key, on top of the unique abilities each legend provides.

Apex Legends Season 16 players
Legends in Apex Legends. | Provided by Respawn.

If you want to play a battle royale similar to VALORANT, Apex Legends is your best bet.

Escape from Tarkov

Where Apex Legends takes everything VALORANT does and turns it up to 11, Escape from Tarkov limits it into its simplest form. While technically a battle royale game, there can be more than one winner since the goal of Escape from Tarkov is to explore the map, grab loot, and survive by escaping.

The gunplay in Tarkov is like CS:GO and VALORANT, where good aim can one-shot opponents, but also provides enough changes to make it a unique kind of gameplay since there’s a bigger focus on survival.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Seige

Last but not least, Rainbow Six is another tactical FPS shooter that is similar to VALORANT. In Rainbow Six, much like games like Overwatch 2, each operator has unique abilities that can change a game. But the core of the game is shooting, where aim matters just as much as CS:GO and Escape from Tarkov.

The goals of the game are a lot more similar to other franchises like Call of Duty, but the gameplay for Rainbow Six could be fun to try as a VALORANT fan.

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