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The Dota Pro Circuit has started its second tour of the season this week, and with it comes new opportunities to play Dota fantasy. Dota Fantasy usually only runs through the major tournaments and The International, but this year players are able to purchase card packs of players from their favorite regions in order to compete against each other for the most points at the end of the week.

To participate, players choose three core positions (mid, offlane and carry) and two support positions among the cards in their collection. To navigate to the fantasy page, simply start Dota, click the watch tab and select fantasy in order to select players for the week.

Dota fantasy
Select your favorite players every week in order to gain fantasy points. | Screenshot provided via Dota 2

How to open player card packs

On the same fantasy page, players can navigate over to the player cards section in order to open their card packs. If players are subscribed to Dota Plus, then they will get 10 packs for free every time a new season begins.

There are player cards from all six regions, and fantasy participants will be able to collect them all. Keep in mind that whatever region is selected on the top right, drop-down menu will be the region that person will pull from. Then, simply pick a region and begin pulling.

Player cards come in three rarities: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The higher the rarity, the more bonuses the card will have. For example, a player with a Gold version of Ivan Borislavov “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov will have +10% more points for teamfight participation, +20% for every camp stacked and +5% on every stun landed. Overall, Gold cards offer the most value but are rarer to compensate.

In order to get more card packs, players can either disenchant extra cards in order to gain dust or spend $0.65 for a team pack.

Participants need 15 Dust to convert it into packs while 30 dust allows players to craft a specific card. Every Bronze card can be turned into one dust, two for Silver and four for Gold.

Spending money, alternatively, grants participants a special pack that only contains the players of a specific team with a guaranteed Gold or Silver card. The team also gets 50% of the purchase this way.

team packs
players can support their favorite teams with specific team packs. | Screenshot provided by Dota 2

What rewards do players get for playing fantasy?

Players are organized according to different tiers of success. Scoring in the bottom 50% grants one fantasy level, scoring top 50% gives two, top 25% gives three and top 10% provides four fantasy points. The more fantasy levels a player accrues, the higher the rewards at the end of the week. For every Fantasy Level players will get 350 Dota Plus Shards. When Players hit level four, they will get a Lineage treasure that contains item sets exclusive to the current season.

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