CoD leaker claims two Warzone 2 maps are coming in 2023
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Despite Call of Duty Next only being 48 hours away, Call of Duty leakers are still doing their best to make sure fans have as much information about the upcoming year as possible. After Activision released a plethora of information regarding Modern Warfare 2 yesterday, we now have a new Warzone 2 leak from a reputable insider. The leak details how Activision is planning to release two additional maps for Warzone 2 during 2023.

The leaker in question is @TheGhostOfHope, who is almost always correct with their early information. While fans should still take the leak with a pinch of salt, this does make sense from a practical standpoint. With Warzone 2 launching in November (reportedly), Activision and Infinity Ward will deliver one new map for the game’s launch. However, fans are used to having multiple maps to choose from in the current version of Warzone. Rebirth Island and, more recently, Fortune’s Keep have become mainstays in the Warzone playlists.

What maps will be in Call of Duty: Warzone 2?

While the new Warzone 2 map will surely keep fans busy for some time, fans will eventually want something new to explore. TheGhostOfHope claims that Activision will deliver a Resurgence-style map sometime during the middle part of 2023. This means a map that’s much smaller than the base map in Warzone 2, similar to Rebirth Island or Fortune’s Keep. Then, during the later part of 2023, the developers will also release another map for standard battle royale.

This likely means that the original map that will launch with Warzone 2 could be replaced just one year after its initial release. However, it’s unclear exactly how Activision will handle the maps for the upcoming version of Warzone. Perhaps the game will feature a larger map rotation than what the current version has experienced.

It’s unlikely that we’ll hear anything about these two rumored maps this week at COD Next. However, we will see gameplay of the first map that will be playable in Warzone 2. It’s also possible that a Warzone 2 beta could go live after Call of Duty Next, so fans should stay tuned for more information.

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