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Sons of the Forest is taking over after its early access release on Feb. 23 with the game crashing Steam and many fans excited to play it. The survival horror game currently sits at the top of the steam charts for top-selling games; it is also the third most played currently with over 300,000 players.

With many major updates to its predecessor, The Forest, many fans are curious to know if the game will support VR. If you’re wondering whether Sons of the Forest comes with VR support, Upcomer’s got the answer for you.

Is there VR support for Sons of Forest?

Sons of the Forest PC settings
Provided by Endnight Games

As of writing, there is no VR support for Sons of Forest and players will have to load the game on their PC to play it.

The lack of VR support means that players will be unable to get an immersive experience. However, surviving on an island infested with cannibals is already a lot to enjoy even without VR. The game is still in early access with the developers planning several updates over the next 6 months. The addition of VR early on in the game can complicate things and lead to an unpleasant experience for VR players.

When will VR be available in Sons of Forest?

While the lack of VR is a setback for players who like to immerse themselves fully in the experience, there is still hope for the inclusion of VR. Endnight Games has not made any statement ruling out VR support in the future and this could be the focus after its full launch.

However, Endnight added VR support to the prequel, The Forest, after four years via a beta update. This may also be the case for the new game with several versions released before a VR update. Additionally, it will likely take a shorter while with newer and better technology than in 2014 when The Forest launched.

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