Brooms vs Mounts - Fastest way to travel in Hogwarts Legacy
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During your time with Hogwarts Legacy, you will discover a few different ways to get across the map. Your first method of traveling, aside from simply walking, is using the Floo Flame Fast Travel system. However, if you truly want to experience the world of Hogwarts Legacy in all of its glory, then you will want to travel using either brooms or mounts. You gain access to brooms first, with mounts coming shortly after. However, as you can’t use both of them at the same time, players have been wondering which method of travel is faster.

To be clear, both transportation methods are fast and you can use either a broom or a mount to get around the map quickly. Of course, one is faster than the other, and players are curious as to which one comes out ahead. Check out the guide below to see which travel method you should use if you simply want the most speed possible in Hogwarts Legacy.

Brooms or mounts in Hogwarts Legacy

Unfortunately, we don’t have a straight answer for players, as the speed of brooms and mounts fluctuates between one another. Thanks to a YouTube video from FireSparks81, we can see when a broom is faster than a mount and vice versa.

  • A mount has better speed than an un-upgraded broom when using the speed-up function
  • A level one upgraded broom is faster than a mount when using the speed-up function
  • A level two or three upgraded broom is faster than a mount when using the speed-up function
  • Mounts are faster than any broom that isn’t using its speed-up function
  • Brooms can only use an infinite amount of the speed-up function when close to the ground while mounts never have to slow down

Generally, because of their never-ending speed, mounts actually are faster than brooms when going from point A to point B. Upgraded brooms are faster than mounts, but only when you’re close to the ground/using the speed-up function. Since you likely won’t be flying close to the ground all of the time, mounts might be the better all-around choice.

However, we should also note that it’s much easier to dismount from a broom than it is with a Hippogriff, Thestral, Graphorn, etc. So that might also factor in players’ decisions when picking how to travel across the map in Hogwarts Legacy.

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