Big changes coming to Icebox in VALORANT Episode 8 - Upcomer
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VALORANT players are excited for the ranked map pool changes in Episode 8 since Icebox is making a return. Developers also confirmed that changes would be coming to the controversial map but no specifics were shared. Now, a leak is pointing at what the possible Icebox changes are.

A trusted data miner known as ValorINTEL on X simply tweeted that the Icebox changes have been leaked. This came with some screenshots. Here are the possible changes coming to Icebox.

Icebox changes leaked ahead of Episode 8

It looks like a lot of the changes are taking place around B Site. The Attacker Side Spawn will have a new box that seems to be blocking one of the sight lines. This is definitely to address the complaint that Icebox has too many dangerous sight lines that are unbalanced.

Then, around B Green, a shipping container looks to be lifted off the ground. This will give both teams more room in that area while simultaneously taking away a spot that some agents took advantage of by teleporting onto the top.

B Tube has a new window so defending players can peek into mid. This creates a new sightline for snipers to hold the attacking team back. The tube also has some boxes inside that will let defenders hide, hopefully creating some balance.

The final image shows that the outdoor pathway along B Hall has been removed. Instead, players have to go through B Orange or B Kitchen, making it a bit easier to defend this Site since attackers have less options.

Stay tuned one more week to see the official changes coming to Icebox.