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Zacian makes its debut in Pokémon UNITE with a powerful new Unite Move: Sovereign Sword. The move has Zacian ready its signature sword, charge it up with Aeos Energy and slash the enemies in front of itself. In order to make the best use of Sovereign Sword for Zacian in Pokémon UNITE, here is everything you need to know about how to use this new Unite Move.

sovereign sword zacian pokemon unite
Zacian’s Unite Move in action | From Pokemon Unite

Best use of Sovereign Sword for Zacian

One of the main gimmicks of Sovereign Sword is that it can use Zacian’s accumulated Aeos Energy to charge up the attack’s power and range further. The more energy that’s used to charge the attack, the more damage the move deals.

The move deals even more damage to Pokémon that have received buffs after using their own Unite Move. Speaking of post-Unite Move buffs, Zacian receives a shield, increased movement speed and reduced move cooldowns for a short time.

As far as when to let Sovereign Sword rip, its best to have Aeos Energy available to help charge the move to full power. This damage boost will be essential to use Sovereign Sword to maximum effect and deal the most damage.

Thanks to its quick release and high damage output, this move is perfect for snatching objectives and boss Pokémon like Rayquaza. This may require some timing however, so be sure to use it when you think Zacian is able to get the final blow.

Lastly, its best to aim for opponents that have already used their Unite Move to give Sovereign Sword an even bigger damage boost. Late-game team fights are perfect for this as the final fights for the central objective will likely force plenty of Unite Moves from the opposing team. A great way to help completely wipe the other team is to use a well-placed Sovereign Sword on a boosted team to swing momentum back in your favor.

Eric Bartlett is a seasoned writer, player and content creator for Pokémon and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.