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Maps are one of the most important aspects of CS:GO‘s gameplay. In fact, maps (and guns) account for more than 80% of its gameplay. Aside from earning more victories, playing on a variety of maps is a great way to improve your skills. In this game, you cannot succeed if you only explore one map.

Discover where to begin exploring the vast number of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps by viewing our list of the best ones.

3. Vertigo

Provided by Valve, Hidden Path Entertainment

Vertigo ranks second on HLTV’s list of least-played maps and is more favored by the terrorists. There are many CS:GO maps that are strongly CT dominant due to balance issues or that slight favor T’s, like Vertigo.

As a result of Vertigo’s layout, it has quite a small area to work with in comparison with other maps. New additions to the map have provided players with a wide range of tactics for adapting to the other team. The terrain is filled with small cracks and sharp turns, making for dynamic choke points and lots of opportunities to throw grenades.

As the only map in the competitive pool allowing very little maneuverability and space control, Vertigo is the least maneuverable. Brutally gaining access to the two bomb sites is necessary.

2. Dust II

Dust II
Provided by Valve, Hidden Path Entertainment

Among the most played maps in the game, Dust II is a classic. As far as CS:GO is concerned, it has been around from the beginning and is still very popular. The frequency of this map is lower (14%) than Inferno (24%) but still frequent enough to secure its place in the Active Duty Map Pool.

Dust II contains a number of iconic locations. The Mid Door provides terrorists with an easy way to shoot opponents almost right from where they are spawned. There are many strategic and tactical opportunities on the A Bomb Side because it is an uplifted platform in a relatively large open space.

The Long Doors and Long A are subjected to multiple battles. There is a lot of ambush potential on the B Side, so players will need some innovative and bold thinking to plant or defuse the bomb successfully.

Aside from its epic nature, Dust II is also incredibly entertaining. In addition to being nicely balanced, it provides excellent mid-duels and a chance for the CT side to defuse the bomb.

1. Inferno

Provided by Valve, Hidden Path Entertainment

In Inferno, you feel like you are lost in a maze. As it turns out, this map has a long (long) distance where there are lots of important points where you can’t die. When playing as Counter-Terrorist (CT), recovering a bomb site when more than three terrorists are still alive is the most terrifying experience. It is very unlikely that you will make it to the bomb site alive.

The play style of Inferno is unique and players must prepare for it differently, but that’s one of the reasons it is one of the most popular maps in the game.

Although AWPs can help counter-terrorists, they can also be countered by the T side. It is also difficult for the CT side to regain control of a site once terrorists have taken it cooperatively and by using grenades effectively. There are many guides that cover smoke throws and rotating in Inferno, which makes it easy for players and teams to play consistently and win games. As a result, this is one of the trickiest maps to discuss.

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