Best Basilisk loadout in MW3 Zombies
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The Basilisk is a Modern Warfare 2 weapon, but you are free and clear to use it in MW3 Zombies as much as you want. However, to use the Basilisk effectively, you need its strongest Zombies loadout.

To see the best loadout for the Basilisk in MW3 Zombies, keep reading my guide below.

Best Basilisk Zombies loadout

  • Barrel: FTAC Fang Ported
  • Laser: REVO-LSD 7MW
  • Ammunition: .500 Snakeshot
  • Trigger Action: Bryson HTA
  • Rear Grip: Akimbo Basilisk
Screenshot via Upcomer

Just like the Basilisk’s counterpart from MW3, the TYR, its loadout is built around the Snakeshot ammunition and the Akimbo rear grip. With these attachments, you can tear through zombies at close range, firing one powerful bullet after the other. However, you’ll also want some additional attachments to make the Basilisk an even stronger powerhouse.

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As I just mentioned, the .500 Snakeshot ammunition is equipped along with the Akimbo Basilisk rear grip. The Snakeshot ammo gives you extra damage range while the Akimbo attachment gives you an extra Basilisk to hold in your other hand. As you can’t aim down sights anymore due to the Akimbo attachment, I have equipped the FTAC Fang Ported barrel and the REVO-LSD 7MW laser to improve your hipfire accuracy and spread. The final attachment on the loadout is the Bryson HTA trigger action, boosting your fire rate and trigger response time.

Best Class Setup for the Basilisk in Zombies

To finish up your loadout for the Basilisk, I have the recommended class items you should equip.

Weapon Slot 2

  • A long-range weapon (MCW, TAQ Eradicator, BAS-B, etc.)


  • Lethal: Molotov
  • Tactical: Experimental Gas/Cymbal Monkey/LT53 Kazimir

Field Upgrade

  • Frenzied Guard

And with that, your loadout for the Basilisk for Zombies is complete. You might prefer the Basilisk over the TYR, but they are virtually used in the exact same way.

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