Apex player discovers a new Wraith portal glitch
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On Saturday, YouTuber RossBobSquirrel posted a video of a new glitch that has appeared in Apex Legends with Wraith’s portals, which Dexerto then reported. The exploit allows players to combine her Tactical and Ultimate abilities to shoot while phasing through her portal.

New version of an old Wraith portal glitch

Wraith’s portal is no stranger to game changing glitches; during Season 4 of Apex Legends, her portal had a glitch that allowed players to get back up from the revive animation by going through the portal when downed. Now, the portal is acting up again, but in different ways.

Normally, Wraith can’t equip or use weapons while travelling through her portals. This glitch changes that, allowing anyone on Wraith to shoot while in the portal, provided they get the timing right. Players who want to take advantage of this exploit need to have both their Ultimate and Tactical abilities available to use, and execute on combining them in just the right sequence.

Luckily, the glitch is available across Apex’s Battle Royale, Arenas and Firing Range mode, so anyone who wants to take advantage of this exploit can practice their timing easily. It probably won’t result in huge amounts of damage, but it may be a nice strategy to have in the back pocket while the glitch is still live. As of time of writing, Respawn hasn’t announced any plans to immediately fix the Wraith portal glitch, though it will likely face changes in the next update.

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