Apex Legends team addresses Rampage and Sentinel weapon exploits
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After recent issues with new skins, the Apex Legends team at Respawn Entertainment has disabled the Rampage and Sentinel weapons due to exploits on Wednesday. For all game modes, the guns will remain unavailable until the team fixes them. This change includes the removal of the Mil-Spec skin for Bangalore, which was another bug that was addressed recently.

Guns and skins removed

This change to the game follows the recent game-breaking bug involving the Mil-Spec skin for Bangalore, a change Respawn also addressed on Twitter. The Respawn team confirmed that they were looking into the issue originally. Now, this tweet confirms that the skin will be unavailable to use. However, the skin will still be available for purchase.

At the same time, fans commented on the Mil-Spec bug, revealing to Respawn all the other major exploits live within the game. This included the exploits for the Rampage and Sentinel guns, where the player could make the guns infinitely charged. This bug was revealed in mid-December of 2021, and while seemingly fixed, still remains in-game. Fans haven’t been happy about issues like this that affect gameplay. After these fans brought the gun issue up, the Respawn team has removed the guns from the game temporarily. The guns will return to all game modes when the exploit is fixed.

One fan, in particular, highlighted all the exploits and bugs live besides the Mil-Spec skin, and one now has been fixed. But, others that directly affect gameplay still exist. For example, a known exploit that allows Wraith players to phase for an infinite amount of time remains. As long as exploits like this are in the game, some players will use them to their full capabilities. Seeing how quickly the team is fixing the Rampage and Sentinel weapon exploits, hopefully it’s only a matter of time before others get fixed as well.

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