All scenarios that would allow 100 Thieves to advance at Worlds 2022
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It has been a historically bad group stage for 100 Thieves and the entire North American region at League of Legends Worlds 2022.

The team going 0-3 in a group featuring Royal Never Give Up, Gen.G and CTBC Flying Oyster was not on many people’s Pick’Ems, but with reality setting in, the team now has to turn things around quickly.

They cannot afford to lose a single game going forward. On the bright side, however, 100 Thieves are still almost completely in control of their own destiny as not only can they still qualify for the knockout stage, they can technically still get out as the number one seed.

Here is a breakdown of all the scenarios in play for 100 Thieves as they wrap up the group stage with three games on Sunday, October 16.

100 goes 3-0

In an overwhelming amount of scenarios, 100 Thieves are going to have to go 3-0 to even have a chance of getting out of the group.

Like EG, however, there actually is a scenario in which 100 can go 3-0 and cleanly get out of groups without the need for a tiebreaker game. Obviously, that scenario is a far cry and would require Gen.G to go winless and CFO to only beat Gen.G. But if that happens,100 would advance cleanly as the second seed.

For 100 Thieves to get out as the first seed they would need RNG to go winless, Gen.G to only beat RNG and CFO to go 2-1. If that happens then there would be a four-way tie at 3-3 in which 100 would have to win two tiebreaker games to get out as the first seed but the possibility is there.

But like EG, there is actually a scenario in which 100 can go 3-0 and not even have a tiebreaker game.

If RNG go 2-1 and Gen.G go 2-1, that would put those two teams at 4-2 which would mean that it doesn’t matter if 100 go 3-3.

100 goes 2-1

Even though there is a scenario in which 100 can’t qualify even with a 3-3, there is a scenario in which 100 can force a tiebreaker with just a 2-1 record. In this scenario, they need JRNG to go 3-0 with 100’s loss to them.

If that happens and RNG goes 6-0, as long as Gen.G goes 0-3 and CFO goes 1-2 with their lone win against Gen.G, then there would be a three-way tie for second with 100, CFO and Gen.G all with 2-4 records which would trigger a tiebreaker game for 100.

Any other scenario with 100 going 2-1 would eliminate them.

100 goes 1-2 or worse

Obviously, with 100 at 0-3 heading into the second half of the double round-robin, any performance that sees them go 1-5 or 0-6 would eliminate them from knockout stage contention.

It is mathematically impossible for any team with a 1-5 or 0-6 record to get out of the group stage.

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