All Nightingale Story options: which should you choose?
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When you go to create your character in Nightingale, you are presented with several different “Story” options. These Story options all give your character a unique background, even changing the type of clothing you start the game with.

Naturally, you might be wondering how your Story decision affects the rest of the game in Nightingale and which one is the best to pick. Below, you can see a list of every available Story option and if there truly is a best one to choose in Nightingale.

All Nightingale Story options

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In total, there are seven Story options in Nightingale, and they’re all quite different from one another. Below, you can see the name and description for each of them:

  • Academic – A learned scholar, well-versed in the physical sciences and humanities. Your time was spent among the grand libraries and lecture halls of your local university, conducting lengthy research studies in your field.
  • Statesperson – A regent, born into wealth and a lineage of political power. You wanted for naught, days spent debating the workings of your fine city, followed by nights of lavish parties and extravagant dinners.
  • Tradesperson – A skilled and practical jack-of-all-trades. You spent most of your days laboring, living a modest but fulfilling life. With tool in hand and food on your table, you needed nothing more.
  • Hermit – A reclusive eccentric, choosing the lonesome wilderness over the bustling city. You worked the land, foregoing the comforts of modern life, as well as the social decorum, in favor of total self-sufficiency.
  • Officer – A military officer, accustomed both to rough living in the field and cavorting with the Regency. Having joined the armed forces at a young age, you’re intimately familiar with loss, destruction, and humanity’s capacity for horror.
  • Ne’er-Do-Well – A petty criminal with few prospects in life, often on the wrong side of the law. You long enjoyed the thrill of mischief, stealing, swindling, and eschewing propriety in favor of life’s vices.
  • Vagrant – Destitute and relegated to the streets—or worse, the workhouse. Your lot in life has been begging, scrounging, and long stints or torturous labor under the cruel watch of the guardian.

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Which Story is the best to pick in Nightingale?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t truly matter what Story you pick for your character, as your choice doesn’t affect much in terms of gameplay in Nightingale. However, I would still recommend picking whatever background you feel suits your character the best. I went with a Statesperson to see if the game started me out with more money, but all that really changes is the clothes you begin the game with.

That’s all you need to know about picking a Story background in Nightingale.

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