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For the longest time in the Pokemon franchise, legendary Pokemon were known for their inability to evolve. Certain legendary Pokémon like Giratina got alternate forms with Manaphy getting a baby form in Phione, but neither were true evolutions.

As of the ninth generation, four Pokémon considered to be “legendary” can evolve into other legendary Pokémon.

Here are all of the legendary Pokémon that evolve.

Cosmog and Cosmoem

legendary pokemon that evolve
Cosmog and Cosmoem | Image: Pokémon

The first Legendary Pokemon with the ability to evolve via leveling up was Cosmog, the Nebula Pokemon. Cosmog was the first Legendary Pokemon with a full evolutionary line, and it is currently the only Legendary Pokemon with a second evolution form. It appears as a tiny, cloud-like creature, exuding an aura of innocence and curiosity.

Its form is reminiscent of a swirling nebula, a pocket of the universe yet to fully take shape. Despite its unassuming appearance, Cosmog holds immense potential, rumored to possess the ability to create entire new worlds.

It evolves into Cosmoem, the Protostar Pokemon, at level 43. As it evolves into Cosmoem, its appearance transforms into that of a protective, cosmic shell encasing a radiant core. Cosmoem is known as the “Protostar Pokémon,” reflecting its resemblance to a star in the earliest stages of formation. This stage marks a period of quiet contemplation and development for the Pokémon. While Cosmoem might seem immobile and unresponsive, its simply awaiting its next evolution.

Cosmoem can either evole into Solgaleo or Lunala, representing the sun and moon respectively. This transformation unveils the full potential and significance of Cosmog’s earlier stages, emphasizing the theme of cosmic evolution and the cycle of celestial bodies.

Depending on which game you are playing, you can evolve Cosmoem Solgaleo or Lunala at level 53.

Leveling up Cosmoem to level 53 in Pokémon Sun, Ultra Sun, or Sword allows it to evolve into Solgaleo. Leveling up Cosmoem in Pokémon Moon, Ultra Moon, or Shield allows it to evolve into Lunala.

Type: Null

legendary pokemon that evolve
Type: Null and its evolution, Silvally | Image: Pokémon Sword and Shield

Type: Null is an intriguing and enigmatic Synthetic Pokémon, engineered to be an adaptable, synthetic life form. Its appearance is a striking amalgamation of various Pokémon features, with a complex design that hints at its versatile nature.

Created by the Aether Foundation, Type: Null was developed to combat Ultra Beasts, possessing the ability to change its type by using various held items. This adaptability grants it an edge in battles, allowing it to dynamically alter its strengths and resistances, making it a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

This Pokémon’s creation and its distinctive appearance, with a helmet-like structure, evoke a sense of mystery and curiosity within the Pokémon world. The helmet serves as a limiter, keeping its power in check, a reminder of its engineered origins. Its evolution into Silvally signifies a breakthrough, unlocking its true potential and removing the limiters, allowing it to unleash its power and become a loyal and powerful ally to those it trusts.

Type: Null’s story is not just one of synthetic creation but of finding its own identity and purpose, making it a fascinating and unique addition to the Pokémon universe.


legendary pokemon that evolve
Kubfu and the two forms of Urshifu it can evolve into | Image: Pokémon Sword and Shield

The other Legendary pokemon with an evolution line at this time is Kubfu, the Wushu pokemon. It evolves into Urshifu, which is also known as the Wushu pokemon. There are two different forms it can evolve into: Single Strike Style or Rapid Strike Style. Urshifu is also the only Legendary pokemon with a Gigantamax form.

Kubfu’s journey is deeply tied to its evolution into Urshifu, a powerful Pokémon capable of two distinct forms: Single Strike Style and Rapid Strike Style. The path it chooses and the mastery it achieves depends on the training it undergoes. This unique aspect of Kubfu’s evolution reflects the importance of choice and commitment in its development.

Whether it follows the path of swift, flowing strikes or powerful, direct blows, Kubfu’s evolution represents not just a physical change but also a philosophical and martial progression, making it a fascinating and revered Pokémon among trainers and fans alike.

Eric Bartlett is a seasoned writer, player and content creator for Pokémon and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.