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Some type combinations in the Pokémon series remain underpopulated and sometimes unique to a single Pokémon or evolution line. Grass/Electric was an unused type combination until the fourth generation when it debuted as a form change for Rotom. It recently got a few more representatives in Pokemon Legends: with Hisuian Voltorb and Electrode.

Here’s a list of all Pokémon with the combination of Grass/Electric types.


grass electric pokemon
Rotom-Mow | Image: Pokémon

Rotom-Mow is a fascinating Pokémon that’s an Electric/Grass-type hybrid. Its distinctive appearance features a lawnmower-like body with bright green coloring, complemented by electric blue accents. This form is one of several variations that Rotom can take on by inhabiting different appliances. Rotom’s ability to merge with these devices not only alters its appearance but also grants it a diverse set of abilities and moves, making Rotom-Mow a versatile and unexpected combatant in battles.

One of the most striking features of Rotom-Mow is its semi-unique dual typing, which grants it a strategic advantage over other Pokémon. Being both electric and grass-type means it’s capable of resisting several types of moves and exploiting weaknesses in its opponents.

This makes it a formidable adversary in battles, offering a range of offensive and defensive tactics. Its move pool typically includes a mix of electric and grass-type attacks like Leaf Storm, Thunderbolt, and Volt Switch, allowing it to surprise opponents with varied strategies.

Rotom-Mow’s unique typing and move set also make it a popular choice for trainers in both competitive battles and casual play. Its adaptability and the element of surprise it brings to the battlefield add an exciting dynamic to Pokémon battles.

Whether it’s cutting through opponents with its powerful grass-type Leaf Storm or delivering electric shocks with Thunderbolt or Discharge, Rotom-Mow certainly stands out as a Pokémon that combines power and versatility in a single, electrifying package.

Hisuian Voltorb & Electrode

grass electric pokemon
The Hisuian Forms of Voltorb and Electrode

Hisuian Voltorb and Hisuian Electrode are intriguing regional variants that have adapted to the harsh climates and unique conditions of the Hisui region. Their design differs significantly from the traditional Kanto versions, sporting a distinctly wooden appearance and, most notably, a unique typing that sets them apart from their classic Electric type.

These Hisuian forms are classified as both Electric and Grass-types, a combination not found in their original counterparts. This alteration brings a fresh set of strengths and weaknesses to the table, altering their combat dynamics and strategies.

Hisuian Voltorb boasts a captivating design, resembling a wooden ball or a hollowed-out log with mysterious inscriptions on its surface. Its coloration is earthy and rustic, blending well with the rugged terrains of the Hisui region. The incorporation of the Grass typing not only alters its appearance but also influences its move set and abilities.

Evolved from Hisuian Voltorb, Hisuian Electrode retains the regional aesthetic with its wooden design, its with its surface texture is similar to that of a Pokeball ingredient known as an Apricorn. These Pokémon stand out not only for their altered appearance but also for the unique strategies they bring to battles, keeping opponents on their toes with their unexpected tactics and diverse move sets. Its exclusive move, Chloroblast, inflicts a ton of damage, with the user taking damage equal to half of its maximum HP rounded up.

A special Hisuian Electrode serves as a boss fight in Pokemon Legends: Arceus that is worshipped by the Hisui people due to it being descended from one of the 10 ancient Pokémon who received a blessing from Arceus. In particular, it is one of the Noble Pokémon who resides in Coronet Highlands, watched over by the Warden Melli.

Eric Bartlett is a seasoned writer, player and content creator for Pokémon and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.