ALGS will postpone all competition due to Ukraine crisis
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Due to the escalation of the crisis in Ukraine, the Apex Legends Global Series announced that it is pausing all ALGS competition until further notice on Thursday.

This decision comes after VALORANT also decided to delay its upcoming Europe, Middle East and Africa league games due to the rising conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Other events, like IEM Katowice, will continue despite the conflict.

ALGS will postpone competition due to the Ukraine crisis

“In light of the events unfolding in Ukraine, we are pausing all ALGS competition. We will provide an update for when tournaments will resume as soon as we can,” the ALGS Twitter account posted on Thursday. Earlier in the day, pros from Ukraine were asking that the upcoming Split 2 Pro League games, originally scheduled to start over the weekend, be postponed due to the crisis in their country.

“Please postpone the EMEA ALGS Pro league @PlayApexEsports @PlayApex #StandWithUkraine,” tweeted GMT’s Maksym “Max-Strafe” Stadniuk tweeted on Thursday.

Others in the Apex esports scene, like caster Dan Gaskin, replied with their agreement. A little under nine hours after Max-Strafe’s original tweet, the ALGS announced that it was putting a hold to all upcoming competition, not just the EMEA Pro League matches.

Pros react to the ALGS postponing upcoming matches

The announcement that competition will not be happening this weekend is sudden, and likely has thrown a wrench in many teams’ plans for their weekend and upcoming Split 2 seasons. But despite this, many pros voiced their support of the ALGS’ decision on Twitter.

Complexity’s Bowen “Monsoon” Fuller was among them. “We at @Complexity full 100% support this decision. Thank you!” he replied, speaking for his whole team.

Team manager for Team Liquid, Crusader, answered the ALGS with emojis of the Ukrainian flag and a yellow and blue heart.

G2’s Rigo “gent” Padilla simply replied to the announcement with two handshake emojis.

Currently, there is no more information on when ALGS competition will resume. The league will announce when there are updates.