100 Thieves win NA ALGS Pro League Split 2 Day 10
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It was Group C and D’s turn to battle for playoff points in the North American Apex Legends Global Series Split 2 on Sunday; 100 Thieves topped the lobby with one match win and 75 points.

100 Thieves win NA ALGS Pro League Split 2 Day 10

100 Thieves started putting themselves into a good position on the leaderboard starting with Match 2. The squad of Alex “scuwry” Scala, Brendan “Onmuu” Pode and recent addition Alan “Vaxlon” Gonzalez won on World’s Edge with 17 kills. They fought against teams that would rise to the top in this lobby, including Complexity, Furia and Spacestation. This moved them from fifth place to first with 37 points, passing the previous top dogs, Furia who finished Match 2 with 34.

The next two matches didn’t quite go 100 Thieves’ way – they came in second for Match 3 and fourth for Match 4. But their combination of kill and placement points allowed them to weather the storm of Spacestation winning Match 3 and Complexity completely popping off in Match 4 – with 19 combined kills – to keep their spot at the top

Match 5 was more of the same; 100 Thieves came in third behind Esports Arena and Spacestation, slowly building on their lead with placement and kill points to stay in front of their competitors. They went into Match 6 with a 15 point lead over the second place Furia.

Unfortunately, 100T didn’t even make it into the top ten of Match 6 and stayed at 75 points, which Furia managed to tie thanks to their performance in the final match. Despite this, 100 Thieves were able to hang onto their number one spot and got to mark down a “w” for the day, though Furia are arguably the real winners with their stellar performance and ability to catch up with a champion squad.

Cloud9, who had previously seen success on Day 6, apparently had an off day. “Bad day,” tweeted Paris “StayNaughty” Gouzoulis. “Got some habits to break and things to figure out. hopefully gonna get it done for you guys tomorrow.”

If C9 want to ensure they get one of North America’s ten Split 2 playoffs spots, they have no choice but to get it done sooner rather than later.