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With the Valorant closed beta fast approaching, some will want to have an upper hand when they finally obtain access to the game. There are plenty of ways to get this sort of initial advantage. Knowledge of characters, their skills, the maps, and the available weapons are all integral to understanding Riot’s upcoming game. However, everyone should remember that pure gun-play – meaning aim – is essential to defeating your enemies.

In a mostly slow-paced game such as Valorant, you will want to focus on a few things. Muscle memory will allow you to flick more accurately, and tracking will make you better at continuous fire at moving enemies. Here are some ways how you can improve your aim, all while keeping in mind the mechanics of Valorant.

Before we get into the meat of things, you should make sure that your mouse fits your hand perfectly. It is important to have a comfortable mouse that you have as much control over as possible. This will make your aim learning experience much easier, and possibly faster.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is your best friend

We’ve already discussed the similarities between Valorant and CSGO. It’s no secret that these competitive FPS titles have much in common. Luckily, this includes aiming, spraying, and movement. CSGO‘s mechanics are almost identical. So, if you don’t have access to Valorant‘s beta, using practice maps in CSGO will definitely improve your aim in Riot’s upcoming competitive title. We recommend having a look at custom aim maps by Yesber, who has a very wide array of aim modes on different maps.

Valorant‘s in-game practice mode

If you’re lucky enough to get into the Valorant beta, you will have the practice mode at your disposal. There are a few practice modes, but for pure aim training you’ll want to go for the Shooting Test. This will let you practice your aim on bots with a few settings to choose from. This option is probably one of the best, as you can get the feel of the different weapons available to you in the actual game by Riot. Unfortunately, most will not have this option, as the number of closed beta keys is limited.

Steam’s FPS aim practice games

There are a few dedicated video games for practicing your aim on Steam. Some are free, and some will require you to spend an extra buck. If you decide that’s how you want to practice, we recommend having a look at Aim Lab and Aimtastic. Both are free, so what’s the harm in trying them out?

Alternatively, if you’re willing to spend five dollars, you can check out Aim Hero. You can always refund the game if you don’t exceed the 1-hour playtime. Keep in mind, however, that the experience will not be identical to Valorant. You should only use these, then, to practice your general aim. Nevertheless, they will definitely be of some aid to you if you put in the time.

Browser aim practice

If you have a few minutes to spare but don’t feel like launching any particular program, you can always resort to using browser-based aim games. There are plenty available and are always at your disposal. Perhaps the most enticing option is 3D Aim Trainer. With many different options and an impressive in-game interface, it simulates a real FPS title in your browser. Conversely, if you want something that focuses solely on clicking and is devoid of any weapons or more complex interface, you can check out titles such as MouseAccuracy or Aim Trainer. These are lightweight games that make it easy for you to drop-in and drop-out.

How are you going to practice for Valorant? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments. As always, remember to follow us at Daily Esports for all your latest news and guides in the esports world.