TSM owner Reginald has strong words for Team Liquid before LCS Finals
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The North American League of Legends (LCS) finals between Team Liquid and TSM begin tomorrow, and the shots are already flying. In a tweet sent Friday evening, Reginald had some very strong and pointed words for Team Liquid, star mid-laner Jensen, and even CLG owner, HotShotGG.

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Shots fired

The tweet threw shade at several people. “I can’t wait to crush Team Liquid,” Reginald began. “They’ve never been able to win without buying talent.” While Reginald does have a bit of a point here, TSM is also guilty of similar moves. The franchise has a history of paying for top-tier talent or bringing imports, from Bjergsen and Lustboy, to Doublelift and YellowStar, to Zven and Mithie.

The tweet then took a shot at Team Liquid and former Cloud9 mid-laner Jensen. “Bjergsen is gonna crush Jensen and he’s going to choke again.” This line was likely in reference to the famous mishap made by Jensen in the finals of the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split. Cloud9 was in an excellent spot in the series-deciding 5th game, with a 5K gold lead and Jensen having a monster 6/1/5 game to that point. TSM baited a fight by pushing for the Elder Dragon and drew in Cloud9. In what was probably the series-ending mistake, TSM focused down Jensen and popped him immediately, with the star mid-lane main failing to execute both his Zhonya’s Hourglass stasis effect, as well as his Ekko’s Chronobreak ultimate. Cloud9 lost its most powerful member and TSM carried their momentum onto a victory and another LCS pennant.

Reginald’s tweet continued: “Tired of the PR BS. We’re gonna own them.” You’ll often find teams heading into playoff series trying to give their opponents due respect and offering media-friendly answers. Regi’s having none of that in trash-talking his friend and CEO of Team Liquid, Steve Arhancet. He’s confident TSM is taking this split.

The final line sparkled just a little extra BM into the tweet, with Reginald taking a shot at long-time rival and fellow CEO, HotShotGG. HotShot is the founder and owner of the CLG organization, one of the longest standing North American franchises alongside TSM and Liquid (formerly known as Team Curse).

Steve claps back

Shortly after Reginald’s tweet was posted, Team Liquid CEO, Steve Arhancet, clapped back with a comment to rival Reginald’s spiciness. The tweet read, “Andy called it Team Solo Mid because it’s the only position they can afford.” The comment is in reference to the perception around the community that Regi’s organization is a one-man show, with Danish superstar Bjergsen often carrying the bulk of the weight.

After Bjergsen, TSM’s highest-profile player ever was probably Doublelift, who, after being let go by TSM, has helmed Steve’s Team Liquid organization to two straight domestic championships.

They’ll try to complete the threepeat tomorrow.