Total War's Warhammer hosts the Everchosen Summer Invitational this weekend
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We’ll have to admit, the words “Total War” and “esports” don’t seem to belong in the same sentence together. While Total War is one of the premier franchises in the realm of grand strategy, it does not have a big esports scene. Even though the games have had multiplayer for decades, they are more well known for their single-player sandbox campaign. Still, that hasn’t stopped developers Creative Assembly, as well as dedicated players, from hosting their own competitions. One such tournament is the Everchosen Summer Invitational for Total War: Warhammer II which takes place this weekend.

The Everchosen Summer Invitational tournament

Warhammer is the Total War franchise’s take on the Games Workshop tabletop game, parlayed into its grand strategy gameplay. The namesake of the event, Archaon, is The Everchosen, the Three-Eyed King and grand commander of the armies of the Chaos Gods. The Everchosen name is also fitting for a tournament winner. Likewise, in the lore, Archaon did indeed win in Warhammer Fantasy’s final battle.

Developers Creative Assembly will be patroning the event and numerous community members will take part in the festivities. Creative Assembly’s Dogbert will be joined on commentary by Turin, Janet on Occasion, and history aficionado Italian Spartacus. Among the contestants, we’ve got Sekarma, Romulan Dawg, Ninjahund, Loremaster of Sotek, and many others. For the uninitiated, these names are fairly well-known in the Total War community. For instance, Loremaster of Sotek regularly crafts Warhammer Fantasy lore videos on YouTube. He’s also the go-to example whenever a new player needs an introduction to the setting.

Apart from competitive play, other Total War streamers will also showcase their strategic skills in free-for-all army-vs-army gameplay. We’ll get to see top players rush around with Skaven Doomwheels against Lizardmen dinos and Elven dragons. The winner of the aforementioned tournament will take home a grand prize of $750 as well as the title of Everchosen.

Total War: Warhammer II’s Everchosen Summer Invitational will take place from August 5 to 6. The show kicks off at 12:00 EDT. Viewers will have a chance to win goodies such as game and DLC codes, and even a Collector’s Edition of the game. You can watch the festivities on Total War and Creative Assembly’s Twitch and YouTube channels.

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