Limited edition Toronto Defiant streetwear available
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Toronto Defiant has released a limited edition streetwear collection, rich with officially branded merchandise, and available only until Dec. 31, 2018. This 10-piece fan-focused collection launches on the heels of Toronto Defiant’s global brand launch last month.

Toronto Defiant is owned by OverActive Media Group Inc. They are one of 20 esports franchises selected to compete in the Overwatch League. It is the first major esports league to feature city-based teams. They will compete for the Overwatch League championship when the 2019 season stars on Feb. 14, 2019.

Portion of proceeds going to Ability Online

A portion of the proceeds will be going to Ability Online. It’s the first social media technology platform to offer a community for kids, teens, and young adults with all kinds of disabilities or health challenges. It gives them a way to connect with each other and the world around them for free.

“Ability Online has spent 28 years focusing on member engagement in a safe and supportive online community. Being selected as the recipient of the proceeds from the Toronto Defiant apparel launch is a wonderful holiday gift for our members,” said Michelle McClure, Executive Director of Ability Online. “Technology can truly be the great equalizer, bringing together unlikely partners for all the right reasons!”

Fans can get their gear before the 2019 season

“This is all about giving our fans early access to Defiant gear so that they can wear their pride and excitement on their sleeves ahead of the 2019 Overwatch season, while supporting a great charity,” said Chris Overholt, President and CEO of OverActive Media. “Our fans have been so amazing throughout this entire process. Whether it’s the engagement online via our social channels, or the tremendous energy they brought to our brand launch, we are excited to be offering them another opportunity to connect with their new hometown team.”

The merchandise available include men’s and women’s sigil white tees, YYZ DEF black tees, Defiant canteens, “The Pack-Jack” jackets, Defiant Blackwatch caps, the “Crew”-neck jackets, representative pullovers, and a Defiant zip-up.

Fans can visit the Toronto Defiant’s store website to purchase their favorite gear and to learn more.

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