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The end of the first week of Magic: The Gathering Throne of Eldraine spoilers is here. We’ve had an exciting week of new cards and it really is just the start. MTG Arena is going to be shaken up once rotation and this awesome new Eldraine set hit. First, let’s remind ourselves of the big highlight, The Magic Mirror:

  • The Magic Mirror: This awesome new legendary artifact comes straight from Snow White. This mirror won’t tell you who the fairest of them all is, but it will draw you an absolutely obscene number of cards.

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Additional spoilers

As usual, there were a lot of smaller spoilers dropped throughout the day. We’re going to go ahead and list them out below and then talk about a few of the more interesting ones from today.

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A few of these really cool Throne of Eldraine cards deserve a little more talking about, so let’s take a look:

  • Bonecrusher Giant is a super solid card for red decks in MTG Arena Standard. Not only does it get around protection, but it also deals damage to your opponent if they ever try to remove it!
  • Irencrag Feat is a monster of a card. Rituals like it have been, well, ritualistically broken in most formats. It will be interesting to see what this card does in Modern and Legacy.
  • Mirrormade is an interesting take on a Clone effect. Copying an enchantment or artifact can be absolutely game-breaking, so we will be following this card’s development in the meta closely.


Throne of Eldraine spoilers will kick off again this Monday, so be sure to stay tuned! If you want to keep up to date, keep an eye over on our MTG news page. To catch up on past Throne of Eldraine spoilers days, see below.

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