Throne of Eldraine spoilers: All previews for Sept. 12
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Wow, the Throne of Eldraine spoilers just keep on giving! We’ve had so many awesome, super flavorful cards revealed for MTG Arena that it’s kind of mind-blowing. Today is no different, so let’s check out the latest in spoilers for the upcoming set:

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Big Throne of Eldraine Spoilers

Oathsworn Knight: This reference to Monty Python’s Black Knight character is also a pretty solid card overall. No matter how many times it gets hurt, it just keeps on attacking.

Sorcerous Spyglass: A solid way to keep planeswalkers in check, Sorcerous Spyglass is a great card to have in MTG Arena Standard.

Gadwick, the Wizened: Gadwick is a fun twist on Blue Sun’s Zenith but as a creature. If you like drawing cards and tapping your opponent’s stuff, this is the card for you.

Additional Eldraine spoilers

Like usual, there were a lot of spoilers today, and we couldn’t write a spotlight for each one. So, we’re going to show you everything that got revealed today, and then we’ll break down a few of the more interesting ones below.

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Most of these are support cards for draft, but there are a couple of gems here! Let’s check a few of them out:

  • Deafening Silence: One mana to limit the number of non-creature spells your opponent can play… Yeah, this is strong. This is a card that will become a sideboard staple in Modern and Legacy easily. It really puts a hold on Storm style combo decks and even just decks that like to cast more than one spell a turn, such as Burn.
  • Glass Casket: Whirza has already been a super strong contender in the Modern metagame and now it has an artifact that nullifies one of its biggest counters: Collector Ouphe. Glass Casket can be searched for by Whir of Invention and gets around a lot of artifact hate by just having an Enter the Battlefield ability.


MTG Arena and older formats are going to get super shaken up by Throne of Eldraine. If you want to keep an eye on new spoilers as they come out, be sure to keep an eye over on our MTG news page! For more daily spoiler recaps, check out the below articles.

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