The Top 10 moments of competitive Fortnite in 2019
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2019 brought Fortnite players and fans tons of memorable moments and plays. Beginning with Secret Skirmish and ending with Winter Royale, competitive Fortnite completed the first full year of competition. And now, it’s time to look back on the best moments of 2019.

Two criteria have been considered: the context of when the clip happened and the difficulty and skill involved in the play. Several dozen plays were considered, but only 10 moments could be included in the end.

#10 – Ghost Bizzle wins Solo Secret Skirmish

Secret Skirmish took place in February of 2019, making it one of the first events of the year. The solo event came down to the final match out of six. Timothy “Bizzle” Miller held the high ground as this last match came to an end, but unfortunately, he ran out of materials to build.

As such, Bizzle dropped down to the low ground and eliminated players there. Then he timed a shot perfectly to stun the player above him. As that player dropped down, Bizzle shot the floor out, causing them to take fall damage. This damage was enough for the elimination, and Bizzle won the match. The final victory royale won him the entire Secret Skirmish.

#9 – Ghost Saf wins Duo Secret Skirmish

Also at Secret Skirmish 2019, Rocco “Saf” Morales pulled off a similar move to win the final duo match. In the duo competition, Saf ran out of materials on high ground. He dropped down and went on to eliminate six players in under 40 seconds to win the match. This clutch moment secured Saf and his teammate the win for the entire competition.

#8 – TSM ZexRow clutches Game 1 of FNCS Trios Heats

Anthony “ZexRow” Colandro pulled off an incredible clutch to win the first game of the FNCS Trios Heats. Shot into the storm by a shockwave grenade, he sprinted back to the zone and made it with no time to spare. Once in the safe zone, he eliminated the final three players to win the game. The last elimination came with 1 health point. ZexRow’s trio went on to win the entire FNCS Trios Finals in their region.

#7 – 100T kyzui flicks to victory

This clip comes from the FNCS Squads Finals in the NAW region. Kyzui and his Fortnite squad absolutely dominated this region, winning three out of six matches to take home the tournament win. In this clip, kyzui landed multiple flick shots in a row with his shotgun. Somehow, he even turned around to eliminate a player. Then he dropped on the final enemy to secure the victory royale.

#6 – Vanguard Calc wipes out the final squad

During the NAE FNCS Squads Finals, Jonathan “yung calculator” Weber took over at the end of the game. He dropped the team on the high ground down with an RPG. Calc eliminated a player on his level. Then he quickly took the high ground while eliminating two more opponents. The rest of the squad cleaned up the remaining enemies, and the team won the match.

#5 – JulianCoM takes over EU FNCS Squads match

The first game of the EU FNCS Squad Finals also saw an incredible moment. Julian “JulianCoM” J. eliminated seven players late in the game and eight in total. He fragged out at the end of the game. His teammates led the tunnel while JulianCoM took shots at players above, below, and outside the team’s tunnel. He took down some of Europe’s best Fortnite players on the way to victory. The squad finished with 19 total eliminations and won the match.

#4 – FaZe Mongraal’s 16-elimination win

Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson showed off his clutch ability in this clip. He hit shot after shot to eliminate players. Then he made an extremely smart move to use a launchpad to fly back into the zone. Nothing could stop Mongraal on his way to the victory royale. He gained three more eliminations after he returned to the zone. Overall, he finished with 16 eliminations in this World Cup Qualifying match.

#3 – NRG MrSavage outsmarts the enemy

One of the smartest rotations of all time comes from Martin “MrSavage” Foss Andersen. MrSavage used a Shadow Bomb to jump around his opponent and scale the mountain while the storm was rotating up it. Until this moment, few Fortnite players used the Shadow Bombs in the way MrSavage did. Amazingly, he remained calm and used his intelligence to win the match. Without this win, MrSavage was not likely to qualify for the World Cup Finals.

#2 – NRG Zayt and Ghost Saf rift away at ESL Katowice

An equally smart play came from Williams “Zayt” Aubin and Saf during ESL Katowice. The two players held the high ground and health advantage with two other players remaining. Instead of trying to out-heal the opponents, though, Zayt dropped onto the enemies and used a Rift to Go. This caused the enemies to jump up into the sky and the storm. The opponents both fell to storm damage before they could fire shots back. The duo of Saf and Zayt dominated the event.

#1 – Bugha wins Game 1 of the World Cup Finals

The moment, the skill, and the audacity led this play by Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf to top the list of top plays in 2019. Bugha took over the first match of the World Cup Finals, eliminating nine players in total on his way to victory. To end the match, Bugha jumped up on the last remaining player with a shockwave grenade. He clutched the win and went on to win the entire event.

With so many Fortnite clips to choose from, there are also several honorable mentions. Some of the plays include a double bounce shockwave by 72hrs, a clutch by aquaa, another clutch by Clement, conveniently timed RPGs, and an incredible play by Benjyfishy. The year of 2019 showcased the best of competitive Fortnite. Now, it is time to see what 2020 has in store.