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League of Legends’ latest champion, Rell, is shaping up to be a truly unique champion. Described as a “dark support” champion by Riot, Rell is a ferromancer, a controller of metal. Think metal benders from Avatar: The Last Airbender. From the region of Noxus, Rell the Black Rose is the ultimate weapon for the militaristic empire.

Rell and the worst version of Hogwarts

Rell was born into the Noxian military and quickly exhibited a fantastic ability: metal manipulation. Luckily, Rell seemed to be the perfect warrior to take on Mordekaiser, the near-immortal possessed suit of armor. Less luckily, she was forced to fight her fellow students in the worst version of Hogwarts. Even worse, as she defeated students their magic was ripped from their bodies and given to Rell. The kids that she gained her magic from were turned into magic-less, emotionless zombies. Or they died. So, a little worse than an embarrassing prom night.

Rell was pretty upset that she had been forced to fight and steal her friends’ magic, so she rebelled. Tearing down the entire school, she left to find her way in the world. Turns out it was exactly what the Noxian empire wanted — an immensely powerful metal bending warrior with major anger issues.

And the horse she rode in on

Riot Games wanted to make a new mounted champion for League of Legends. Since Rell can control metal it was an easy decision to give her a metallic horse. Rell can shift between walking and being mounted but does so at a significant cost to her speed. When Rell dismounts, the metal that makes up her horse becomes her armor so she always has her mount with her.

League of Legends Rell Lore

How powerful is Rell in League of Legends?

Thanks to her ability to bend metal, Rell can form the perfect suit of armor for her. The range of her abilities is somewhat limited, she must be relatively close to the target. If the metal is touching her directly, within reach, or even in the ground beneath her.

Rell’s real strength can be seen in the visual effects of her abilities in League of Legends. As Rell casts spells, she bends the light around her in a phenomenon called chromatic aberration.

Thanks to audio files data miners have uncovered, we also see that Rell is bisexual, with several pretty thirsty dialog lines to several other champions. When she first encounters Seraphine, Rell will say “You’re cute Seraphine. Uh, well bye.” With Ekko, Rell will awkwardly say, “Oh, So your name’s Ekko? That’s…That’s cool. I’m cool.” Perhaps the best awkward line is when Rell meets Leona for the first time: “All right Rell, be cool. It’s just a tall, super-strong armored lady.”

Support players in League of Legends will get a chance to use her unique abilities very soon. Rell will be available to the public with the update 10.25 on December 9.

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