The Hero of Numbani Overwatch novel announced by Blizzard
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Blizzard has announced The Hero of Numbani, an Overwatch novel featuring the origin stories of Orisa and Efi. The novel will also provide Overwatch fans with a look into Talon’s involvement in Numbani. This is in addition to hints at what the future may bring in either the game or Overwatch lore.

Along with the announcement, an excerpt of The Hero of Numbani was provided by Blizzard. It details Numbani in the not-so-distant future, where humans live alongside omnics. However, when an individual threatens to destroy that harmony, Efi comes to the rescue. 

The excerpt also details Efi’s upbringing. Ever since she was a child, she enjoyed making machines in order to improve the lives of others within her community. However, after seeing Doomfist’s attack upon her city’s security bots, Efi dedicates her time to building “a true guardian of Numbani.”

Blizzard announces new Orisa and Efi Overwatch novel doomfist

This Numbani guardian is given the name Orisa, but before she can protect the city, she has to undergo extensive training. Efi is the same in this regard in terms of figuring out what it takes to truly become a hero. 

Blizzard highlights that Lucio will also play an important role in the Overwatch novel.

The author of the novel is “critically acclaimed” Nicky Drayden, who has a few novels under her belt so far. Some of her published works include The Prey of Gods, which won the 2017 Compton Crook Award, Temper: A Novel, as well as a series known as Delightfully Twisted Tales.

Overwatch fans who would like to know more about Orisa, Efi, Doomfist, and Lucio can preorder The Hero of Numbani through the official Scholastic website. The site takes users to retailers selling the novel. These include Amazon, Barnes & Noble , Books-A-Million, IndieBound, Target, and Walmart.

The Hero of Numbani will be available for reading on June 2.

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