Teamfight Tactics introduces new galaxy set mechanic
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Riot developers have introduced an exciting new galaxy-themed set mechanic for Teamfight Tactics. Principal game designer Stephen “Riot Mort” Mortimer shared these upcoming changes. He also announced the discontinuation of Teamfight Tactics: Rise of the Elements and elemental hexes. According to Mortimer, Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies will bring an abundance of universes this March. In addition, new skins, champions, little legends, traits, and boards will be added.

Lessons learned from elemental hexes

Elemental hexes contained one main pro that the Teamfight Tactics devs wanted to emphasize: the slight variety in gameplay with each elemental theme. Simply put, each game felt different because of the buffs given dependant on the element. For example, ocean games influenced spell casting rates. Meanwhile, mountain games pushed players towards buffing mountain traits and front line champions. Riot developers enjoyed the difference in every game and wanted to expand on it.

On the other hand, despite the hexes providing variance throughout the game, Riot noticed how new players struggled to understand champion benefits. So, moving forward, developers will work more on providing clear information. Plus, even though elemental hexes were effective, their impact was not a huge game-changer. This unfortunately led to many players ignoring the suppressed elemental buffs. As a result, in Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies, Riot plans to increase the amount of power each universe will provide.

Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies

Teamfight Tactics’ galaxy set mechanics will present players with a brand new experience. A total of ten universes have been created, including one with normal rulesets. For example, Mortimer describes a “Neekoverse” Galaxy. In the Neekoverse, every player receives two Neeko’s Help items. They then have free rein on how to incorporate these items into their strategy. Additionally, galaxies will be randomly selected and hidden from players until the game starts.

An increase in variance and adaptability was the goal with Teamfight Tactics, along with room for growth in sets. Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies provides developers space to expand in creating new universes over time. Mortimer finished by explaining Riot’s goal to see unique plays. They are also highly anticipating the release of Galaxies and hope players have fun with the creative universes to come. How do you feel about the new galaxy mechanics?