Team Rumble glitch confuses Fortnite teammates for enemy players
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A frustrating bug in Fortnite’s popular game mode Team Rumble has developed. Team Rumble was first added to Fortnite in November 2018, and players have enjoyed the large-scale game mode ever since. Usually, a teammate will have an arrow above their head to avoid confusion. However, a video was posted on the Fortnite Reddit page showing the glitch in action through a compilation of clips. This glitch has occurred before, with a teammate’s arrows disappearing for a few seconds. Since then, the glitch has worsened.

The glitch

The clips showcase how arrows have been disappearing from teammates, leading to confusion. In the clip, large-scale gunfights and building appear to be occurring between allied players due to the glitch. Also, the player appears to be getting shot by a teammate, suggesting that the player’s arrow was not showing up either. In the final clip, an enemy and a teammate begin shooting; however, it is difficult to distinguish the difference between the two.

The Arrow Issue In Team Rumble Has Gotten Worse from FortNiteBR

Although it is unknown what is causing the glitch, clearly, it causes players some issues. The confusion leads to players wasting valuable ammunition and building materials on players that are not enemies. In addition, the glitch makes the game mode frustrating to play, so players should be aware of it when playing. If two teammates are shooting at each other, an enemy player can simply come along and gain two kills.

In the comments section of the video, an Epic Games community coordinator known as EpicBoaty responded, saying, “Thanks for the report. Our team is currently looking into this issue.” Bugs in the game can be reported and viewed on Fortnite’s official Trello board, maintaining some degree of transparency of how Epic Games is addressing known issues.

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