Team Liquid says goodbye to Impact, Alphari to replace top lane - Upcomer
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Team Liquid has just announced the departure of their famed top laner, Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong. While the reason for him leaving is unknown, Impact has left a mark on the team, carrying them to new heights in the past three years.

This free agency period has changed teams in some of the most drastic ways. Team Liquid is no exception, as they just lost one of their most impactful players — pun intended.

Impact’s track history of success

Impact served the team since 2017, but he’s been in the professional League of Legends scene since 2012. As he jumped from Xenics Storm, to SKT T1 (now T1), and then to Cloud9, the top laner eventually found a long-lasting home with Team Liquid. His career highlights include becoming the 2013 World Champion, a 4-time League of Legends Championship Series champion, a 2-time League of Legends Korea champion, and winning an LCK and LCS All-Star title.

This year, Impact helped Team Liquid qualify for the 2020 World Championship. They were placed into Group A, but they unfortunately didn’t get past the Group stage. Before Worlds, the team found themselves in first place for the 2019 and 2020 LCS Summer Split, as well as in the 2019 Spring Split.

Along with the announcement, Team Liquid posted a video narrated by Impact to his fans. “I’m sorry to say that I will not join TL for 2021.” The video showed a montage of victorious moments between Impact and Team Liquid, showcasing the many memories made throughout the years. Team Liquid added, “We’re deeply thankful and proud of the legacy you have created with us.”

Alphari as the new top laner

There’s no official word yet as to who will replace Impact, but according to sources, Team Liquid is looking to close a multi-year deal with former Origen top laner Barney “Alphari” Morris. Additionally, this deal is reportedly worth $1 million per year compared to Impact’s $3.4 million 3-year deal signed in 2017.

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