Team Liquid finishes Week Three for LCS undefeated - Upcomer
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Team Liquid continues their superiority of the LCS with another perfect 2-0 in week three. They would top off a relatively flawless weekend with a win against OpTic Gaming.

In all reality, Team Liquid hasn’t been challenged by any teams in the league yet. They’ve been bulldozing their way through the league, taking win left, right and center. They truly look unstoppable right now and are the undisputed best team in North America. However, Liquid must avoid becoming complacent. They have all the talent in the world, but they mustn’t get cocky either. For example, Liquid’s superstar ADC, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, and Nicolai “Jensen” Jensen have already said that they are looking towards playoffs. They also need to stay focused on the task ahead, as well as thinking of the future.

Meanwhile, OpTic Gaming has been very inconsistent throughout the Spring Split. However, after week three, they are looking weaker and weaker as the season rolls on. Yesterday, they lost to Golden Guardians, who were the worst team in the league at that point. Not many people expected them to lose against them, and yet they did. They might need to figure out who their main roster should consist of, as their “starting” roster hasn’t won a game yet.

Liquid makes short work of OpTic

Liquid constantly shows off their ability to capitalize on the smallest mistakes. Additionally, they’ve shown that they have too much firepower to be stopped in multiple situations. The only way that you can beat this team is through superior macro play, and even that is difficult. Early on, OpTic Gaming would actually play pretty well. They would play around the mid lane quite efficiently, keeping the game relatively close heading into the mid-game.

Unfortunately, the team fight phase would be where TL would take over the game. Through some great coordination, Team Liquid would overpower OpTic with some great group fights. The standout player for the North American juggernaut would be Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in. The former World Champion’s engages on Alistar were perfect almost every time, and would even begin the game-winning fight. Of course, the whole team played well, but it was the aggressive play of their support that would push them over OpTic Gaming. Meanwhile, OpTic Gaming just looked outclassed when the teamfight stage hit and could not keep up once Liquid got ahead.

Final Thoughts

Besides some minor stumbles in the early game, this was another flawless game from Doublelift and co. The only problem that I can see them running into later on is international struggles once again. In regions like South Korea and Europe, the top teams have plenty of competition that pushes them to their limits. It helps them improve and grow as the season rolls on, so when they go overseas, they are prepared for the best teams in the world. In North America, most of the teams are all performing at a middling level right now. This isn’t the greatest thing for Team Liquid, as they won’t be challenged as a result.

North America looks weaker than ever before. This isn’t saying that Team Liquid isn’t a very good team but if the region isn’t good as a whole, they will get shellshocked by all the international teams. This has been a problem that has plagued most of the top North American team over the years, so hopefully, teams can pick up their play in the latter half of the season.

What are your thoughts on Team Liquid’s perfect start? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more LCS coverage, check us out here!