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As recently announced, Team Kinguin is going to make space for a brand new organization. The new organization will be set up by the former legend Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas alongside Viktor Wanli and Maciej “sawik” Sawicki. According to Polish sources including and TVP Sport, the new team will be named Black Devils. However, we are yet to receive an official statement regarding the organization.

In an interview with the owners of Black Devils by TVP Sport, we have found out some new details about the upcoming replacement organization for Team Kinguin.

The official unveiling of Black Devils will happen in mid-February. The fresh logo will also be shown to the public on the very same day. Additionally, all the social media sites – most likely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – will also be launched on the day of the premiere.

When asked why everything is in English including the name, despite being a Polish organization, the answer was very clear. Black Devils, much like Team Kinguin, aspire to compete on the international stage, hence the English name. However, being representants of Poland, communication within the organization and fans will remain in the Polish language.

How will everyone adapt to the new change of organization? Can TaZ handle being a player and owner?

Perhaps it is most interesting to see which esports Black Devils will compete in. The owners confirmed that the organization will have teams in CS:GO, League of Legends, as well as Fortnite, all current players of Team Kinguin and Team EPC. That means we are most likely going to see TaZ continue competing under a brand new banner on the CS:GO scene.

Lastly, the Kinguin company will allegedly become the main patron of Black Devils. This means that the Kinguin logo may yet to be seen on the t-shirts of Black Devils.

Are we going to see a new Polish giant on the esports scene? Time will tell.