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The Support Player’s Technical Aspects To Pulling Neutral Camps

Now we all probably know the creep pulling timings and stuff like that. So I’m not going to go into the basics here. Let’s explore the advantages of pulling creeps. And how it’s beneficial individually as well as for the entire team. Ultimately, we’re just going to the point why playing support is fun and totally worth it.

The Benefits Of Pulling

The ultimate purpose of pulling creeps is to gain experience out of the neutral creeps. And if possible, to get gold out of them as well. And of course, to make sure your lane isn’t pushing.

Now, why would you want to go through the pain of having to pull creeps? When you pull creeps, you are letting your creeps get killed by neutrals. So you are denying the enemy of the experience and possible gold. Also, you get the experience from the neutral creeps. But only if you manage to get the last hit on them. Since the experience gain from neutral creeps was nerfed if the creeps got the last hit on the neutrals.

The Downside Of Pulling

Ideally, there is no downside to pulling creeps if you’re doing it right. But Dota is never ideal. So here are the possible downsides.

If you pull too early, as in if your lane hasn’t pushed but you pulled a camp. So in this situation, you might have triggered your lane to push. Since the enemy creeps will get eaten by the tower. So there needs to be some sort of communication with your safe lane hero just in case nothing goes wrong.

The only other downside is if the enemy gets the last hits on the neutral creeps. That’s bad and you should always contest that so that doesn’t happen.

The Ultimate Conclusion

It’s quite obvious, being a support is all about carrying the early game. I always mention this in all my supporting related articles. So if you’re one of the people who like to carry early games, always go for a support!

Supporting is a fun role and you can completely overthrow the enemy team as a support. I’m not even kidding. My Crystal Maiden won us the game a few days ago. Remember guys, carries are carried by supports. So in truth, as admiralbulldog says it while playing his Bane, supports are the actual carries! We ward the enemy off! See what I did there?