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Battle Pass Guide: Path of the Rogue. Here’s an easy one!

Disclaimer: You can use either hero of your choice on our Battle Pass Guide list, since they work as well. We pinpointed the quickest Heros to use per quest.



Purchase Phase Boots before the game timer reaches 13:00 / 09:00 / 07:00

Best Option: Alchemist safe-lane; max Greevil’s Greed and buy Phase Boots at sideshop.

Option 1: Doom; Devour large creeps in hard camp, (stack if possible)

Option 2: Shadow Fiend; if you can get enough exp/souls in your lane. Stack camp closest to midlane if you can. Or, you can ask your support to stack for you.

Notes: You can purchase Phase Boots as a whole and sell it at the same price as the purchase amount.



Pick up or Bottle 3 / 6 / 9 Bounty Runes.

Best Option:  Queen of Pain; if you have difficulty securing runes fast enough.

Option 1: Mirana, Leap + Arrow to help secure runes.

Option 2: Bounty Hunter; Shadow Walk

Notes: You can download a mobile app to remind you to walk to the runes on time. Look for Dota Timers on the appstore!



Deny 15 / 30 / 45 friendly creeps.

Best Option: Lich; Sacrifice automatically denies creep and nets you +exp

Option 1: Shadow Fiend; denying creeps will give souls, so you will likely do this anyway.

Option 2: Treant Protector; having the highest base attack dmg at lvl 1 OR Beastmaster; having the 2nd highest base attack dmg at level 1.

Notes: LICH is bugged in some quests. There is a chance that using Lich will break and not register Sacrifice denies.



Purchase Shadow Amulet / Shadow Blade / Silver Edge before the game timer reaches 25:00.

Best Options: Slark, Shadow Fiend, or Alchemist

1st Option: Tusk; building this will probably lead to the least amount of flaming due to item build OR Witch Doctor Shadow Amulet -> Glimmer Cape.

Notes: LC jungling might sound irresponsible but CAN work if you do it right



Deal 2000 / 3500 / 5000 mana burn to enemy Heroes.

Best Option: Antimage; Q passively mana burns on right click

Option 1: Nyx Assassin W mana burns single target

Option 2: Invoker EMP mana burns in AOE

Notes: Lion can also use Mana Drain.



Accumulate 3000 / 4500 / 6000 damage to enemy Heroes after leaving Invisibility.

Best Option: Weaver; treads -> Linken’s Sphere/Desolator /(Crystalys->Bloodthorn) MKB/BKB/manta

Option 1: Shadow Fiend in Shadow Blade or Silver Edge -> ultimate right in the enemy’s face.

Option 2: Riki w/dmg items

OR LC Shadow Blade -> Duel



Deward 3 / 5 / 7 or more enemy Observer Wards.

Best Option: Zeus W automatically detects AOE wards. Otherwise, you can use his ultimate to reveal more wards on the map.

Option 1: Anything with a Quelling Blade. Bonus points if you use the QB to build into battlefury.



Purchase Evasion before the game timer reaches 22:00 / 18:00 / 14:00.

Best Option: (Statistically + fastest farm speed); Alchemist, Shadow Fiend and Juggernaut

Option 1: (Most statistically likely to win w/evasion items);  Slark, Drow Ranger and Spectre



Deal 600 / 750 / 900 or more damage on an enemy hero in a single physical attack.

Best Option: Phantom Assassin; CRITS DON’T REGISTER AS THEY SHOULD. You WILL need heavy dmg items. (Remember to actually get a point in evasion.)

Option 1: If you can’t seem to win with Phantom Assassin, Sven with Daedalus works too.



Evade or disjoint 30 / 45 / 60 enemy Hero attacks, 1 / 3 / 5 must be spells.

Best Option: Puck; Phase Shift can be used to disjoint spells

Option 1: Windranger; Windrun includes evasion.

Option 2: Mirana; in the middle of the animation, Leap will disjoint incoming spells/projectiles.

Notes: Arc Warden; Magnetic Field gives 100% evasion.



Earn 5 / 10 / 15 bounties from tracked enemies as Bounty Hunter.

Best Option: Get lvl6 as soon as possible so you can use Track sooner. Consider roaming to gank or taking the offlane. Remember to communicate what you’re doing!

Notes: You are almost entirely at the mercy of your teammates. 🙂 



Gain 16 / 24 / 30 stacks of Essence Shift, and purge 6 / 12 / 18 debuffs using Dark Pact as Slark.

Best Option: Easiest if you pick Slark against heroes with debuffs; ie, slows, damage over time;

Examples; Axe, Bane,Bristleback, Chaos Knight, Crystal Maiden, Dazzle, Disruptor, Dragon Knight, Drow, Earth Spirit, Elder Titan, Enchantress, Enigma, Gyrocopter, Invoker, Jakiro, Keeper of the Light, Leshrac, Lich, Lion, Meepo, Naga Siren, Oracle, Queen of Pain, Rubick, Shadow Demon, Silencer, Skywrath Mage, Sniper, Spectre, Tidehunter, Timbersaw, Tinker, Treant Protector, Troll Warlord, Venomancer and Winter Wyvern



Accumulate 25 / 40 / 55 seconds of stuns on enemy Heroes using Sacred Arrow, and deal 2500 / 5000/ 7500 Magic damage to enemy heroes using Starstorm as Mirana.

Best Option: Playing Mirana is a million times easier with teammates that have single target stuns. Bane is hands down the easiest teammate to combo with, as he has TWO abilities that will maximize the time you have to throw the arrow at a target standing still.




Kill 3 / 6 / 9  enemy Heroes 15 seconds after being invisible.

Best Option: Weaver; treads -> linkensphere/desolator/ (crystalys->bloodthorn) mkb/bkb/manta

Option 1: Riki dmg items

Option 2: Nyx Assassin; maximize kills early on in the game. Gank the enemy jungler or weaker supports. You have a lot of burst damage, so take advantage of it! (Remember to whisper nyx nyx nyx to yourself.)

Notes: Remember to carry TP Scrolls to rotate and kill enemy heroes diving your towers. Punishing the enemy team is so much easier when you have an invisible hero. Always check inventories for sentries and detection.



Purchase Crystalys / Orchid Malevolence / Bloodthorn and kill 6 / 8 / 12 enemies

Required Hero: Clinkz.

Best Option: Reach level 6 as soon as possible before start roaming, Or level 7 to max searing arrows. Move around the map with Skeleton Walk and prey on enemy supports. Remember to keep farming between kills– you don’t want to fall off in the lategame.


There goes our super quick Battle Pass Guide for the Path of the Rogue! What do you think?

Do you have great hero builds that helped you finish the Path of the Rogue Quests or any additional notes we should add? Share it with us and comment below!