SKT parts with seven members, including Bang and Wolf - Upcomer
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It looks like SKT is rebuilding their roster in a big way this offseason. The team is letting go of seven members of the team, including longtime bottom lane duo, Bae “Bang” Jun-sik, and Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan.

As we have mentioned before, SKT is coming from their worst year as an organization. The team would not reach the Finals in both splits in the LCK, and would ultimately fail to qualify for Worlds 2018. This would be a first for the team ever since its inception back in 2013.  Additionally, the team would field an underwhelming roster for 2018 as well. After losing Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon and Han “Peanut” Wang-ho to free agency, SKT would bring up Park “Untara” Ui-jin and Kang “Blank” Sun-gu to the main roster.

The Biggest Rebuild in SKT History

This offseason sparks the biggest roster shift that the organization has seen. Along with Bang and Wolf, the team is also releasing Untara, Blank, top laner Park “Thal” Kwon-hyuk, mid laner Choi “Pirean” Jun-sik, and jungler Park “Blossom” Beom-chan. Also, as of publication, SKT has not announced plans with superstar Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok or substitute ADC, Han “Leo” Gyeo-re. It looks like the team is planning to revamp their entire roster for the next year. You can expect the team to prioritize Faker as their primary signing for the offseason though.

Bang, who has been with the organization since 2014, would take to social media to give a statement:

Hi everybody! This is Bang. As you have all seen or heard, I have decided to leave SKT T1. The past five years at SKT was an amazing journey and I would like to thank all the SKT management, coaching staff, and co-players that together took the wonderful ride. Every single moment and experience with SKT made me a better person and all the memories will be forever cherished. I would also like to thank all the fans who had cheered and supported me during the good times and bad times for the 6 years I debuted and played at LCK.

Wolf would post an extended message to his fans about his time with SKT, as well as his future:

In his message, he would reflect on his six years with the organizations, and the memories he made along the way. However, he would also state that he isn’t retiring and that he plans to find a new home soon. He would end his posts with a heartfelt thank you to the fans of SKT, as well as his own fans who have been helping him throughout his journey as a pro player. It seems like although this chapter in their career has closed, a new one is just beginning. The famous Korean duo is more than capable still and should find a team quite easily. Should they join another Korean team, or if they change regions and go to North America or China, they should find success wherever they go. We wish Bang, Wolf, and the other SKT players luck in their future endeavors.

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